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Cristina García Rodero's España oculta

"Hidden Spain," more or less. While in Sevilla I had the opportunity to see this marvelous exhibit of photos by Cristina García Rodero at the Casa de la Provincia.

The images are black and white, and taken much later than you'd expect, many in the eighties, as I recall. They bring to mind Luis Buñuel's film "Las Hurdes," which was made way back in 1933. The themes are often religious rituals. In one memorable photo, a guy lies open-eyed in a casket. Apparently the tradition is or was, if your prayers are answered and you recover from some dreaded disease you have a sort of mock funeral and go along in the casket, alive.

Another of her images took me back to a personal experience. My first trip to Spain was in 1984; a summer study abroad program in Denia, in the province of Alicante on the Mediterranean coast. For the town festival, they would run bulls down the street, like in Pamplona. I remember sitting in a cafe on the main street, watching them run by ... I was terrified they would get distracted and come after me. I suppose some of the fun lies in the danger. Later there was a sort of semi-encierro. My recollection is a bull-ring, one side of which is simply the harbor. The youths are in there with the bulls and they jump into water. The bulls follow, in hot pursuit. Did you know that bulls can swim? Well, they can. Sometimes the young men would grasp the horns for a pull back to the shore. Anyway, an image of this very festival is included in the collection; and get this: the photo was taken years AFTER my witnessing of the festival.

I wanted to buy the book. But even used copies on Amazon are going for more than $200. I just don't have that kind of cheese, that many dead presidents, if you get my drift.


Cool Pic.

Could I get that on a t-shirt? haha. Just kidden.
Still, Very Cool.

Re: Cool Pic.

It is very cool indeed! Especially seeing them big on the wall.

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