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Catamount Community Radio - August 7, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday .... Yes. While it's still hot, it feels like the worst of the heat has receded (like my hairline) into the past. I took a little bike ride yesterday, I couldn't help but think, "this is bearable."

Today's show was a little different. I focused a bit more than I have lately on the jazz roots. I featured Don Cherry, playing three cuts from the Multikulti album. I even played "When the Rain Comes" which clocks in at over twelve minutes. I used to have this thing about keeping the pieces to three or four minutes, but I'm loosening up and playing seven and eight minute joints more and more.

My brother made me a mix tape called "and then I knew 'twas the wind" composed of, how shall we call it? Ambient acoustic music? I used it today for interludes ... Thanks, Steve. Toru Takemitsu, Adam Rudolph, Kahil El Zabar.

I saw Tyler play up at JJ's on Friday evening. The current configuration of the 4-Tet is sounding good. I didn't sit in, although I'm sure he would have let me, but I haven't practiced much lately, and I had nothing up my sleeve really. For one thing, I've been on the road a lot, and for two, I've been focusing more on writing than on music of late. (I've had an article rejected this summer already!!) I'll plan on playing the first Friday of next month. Maybe I'll have a new tune, or something I'd like to play. Anyway, I played cuts from "More for Couture," "Da Prophet," and "Gold, Pure Gold." As always, thanks, Mr. T.

We listened to some electric guitar music from the Sahara, a band called Tinariwen. I've heard the genre called "desert guitar." It's good stuff. Also from Mali, Issa Bagayogo.

It's been 20 years since Nirvana released "Nevermind." With that in (never)mind, I played Ragnar Bjarnsason's cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." I was about to play "In Bloom," but I ran out of time. I can't believe that it's been twenty years. I confess, that I didn't like Nirvana so much back at the time, they seemed too sloppy, and for the some reason the sound didn't resonate with me, but with time I've grown to appreciate their music, and now it occasionally screams into my ears from my ipod.

I couldn't resist playing Ian Dury once again, doing "You'll See Glimpses":

Here for a moment is a glimpse of my plan:
All the kids will be happy learning things.
The wind will smell of wild flowers.
Nobody will whack each other about with nasty things.
All the room in the world

Lot's of other good stuff, as my play list attests. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU-FM. Tune in and be somebody.

1. Duke Ellington – Melancholia
2. Brian Buchanan – Pettiford Bridge
3. Toru Takemitsu – and I knew ‘twas the wind
4. Larry Goldings – The Wedding
5. Billy Harper – Was it Here … Is it There?
6. Elvis Presley – I Love You Because
7. Ian Dury & the Blockheads – You’ll See Glimpses
8. Issa Bagayogo – Diamadon
9. Tinariwen – Matadjem
10. Don Cherry – When the Rain Comes
11. Kahil El Zabar – from “Renaissance of the Resistance”
12. Randy Newman – Every Time it Rains
13. Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker – An Oscar for Treadwell
14. The Frunt Room Five – Charlie & Diz
15. Don Cherry – Pettiford Bridge
16. Jeremy Steig – Howling 4 Judy
17. Adam Rudolph – Moving Pictures
18. Banda Comunale – Mambo Comunale
19. Barney Bigard – Lament for Javanette
20. Ramsey Lewis – Rocky Racoon
21. Talking Heads – Mr. Jones
22. Fred Hersch – Forerunner
23. George Shearing – Too Close for Comfort
24. Ragnar Bjarnsason – Smells Like Teen Spirit
25. Don Cherry – Piano / Trumpet
26. Jason Moran & Charles Lloyd – Rabo de nube

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