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Accordion Community Radio - July 10, 2011

There was no show last week, since I was galavanting around the greater New York City metropolitan area. The spousal unit, the issue and I went to hear David Amram in the village on Monday evening. He's 80 but still has it going on. Serious musical chops, and stories galore about Jack Kerouac, Eugene Ormandy, Warren Beatty and so on and so forth. So I started the show today with Gerry Mulligan playing "Splendor in the Grass," which Amram composed for the film of the same name.

The last time I did the show, which was two weeks ago, I had the thought that I could do a whole show on the accordion. Rethinking it, I thought it might be a little excessive ... although excess is good, right?... So I decided to leaven it with some other stuff. Still significant dosages of accordion. Let's say accordion music is baboon tranquilizer ... we had enough today to knock over, say, four or five baboons.

For Mexican norteña, we heard the incomparable Paulino Vargas tear it up on his squeeze box with Los Broncos de Reynosa. For Colombian Vallenato, Aníbal Velázquez kicked it. We heard Brazilian accordion, Haitian accordion, jazz accordion, country and western accordion, bandoneón from el Río de la Plata.

As they say in Spanish, accordion "por un tubo" (through a tube).

Today's other theme was a wrestling match between the Beatles and the Stones. They fought it out for four rounds. I thought the Beatles were going to put a smackdown on the Rolling Stones' rootie-tootie candy asses, but it was not to be; it turned out to be a draw. I guess we may have to reprise that.

We heard two versions of "Fine and Dandy," one by Benny Goodman along with an unknown accordion musician; and the other, a piano solo by Teddy Wilson.

Catamount Community Radio, on WWCU-FM, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST). Be there, even if you're square.

1. Gerry Mulligan – Splendor in the Grass
2. Bajofondo Tango Club – Pulso (1000 mares)
3. Heleno dos Oito Baixos – Começo de verão
4. Mizik-Mizik – Blakawout
5. Dr. John – Waiting for a Train
6. Los Broncos de Reynosa – La muerte cruzó el Río Bravo
7. Blaine Larsen – I Don’t Know What She Said
8. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes – Thank You
9. The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice
10. The Beatles – Savoy Truffle
11. The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb
12. The Beatles – If I Needed Someone
13. Jimmie Rodgers – Mississipi Blues
14. Benny Goodman – Fine and Dandy
15. Bruce Springsteen – Tenth Avenue Freezeout
16. Les Pires – Dancing with Jean Maurice
17. Tomatito – Al tío Juan Habichuela
18. Those Darned Accordions – Low Rider
19. Charles Mingus – Moanin’
20. The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden
21. The Beatles – She’s Leaving Home
22. The Rolling Stones – All Down the Line
23. The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing
24. Aníbal Velázquez – Sal y agua
25. Teddy Wilson – Fine and Dandy
26. J. Geils Band – Back to Get Ya
27. Art Van Damme – Blue Lou
28. Thunderclap Newman – Thunder
29. New Quintette du Hot Club de France – Minor Swing
30. Duckmandu – Extremely Large Congenial Romanian



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