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The Perfect Peach

Summer seems to have arrived. Spring was here for the blink of an eye, and now it's 80 degrees and muggy, and the poor young scholars are not even out yet for the summer.

I've been immersing myself in piano; the recital is two weeks away, but I wanna totally wrap my head around my music this time. I didn't play at the December recital, so it will have been a year since I performed on piano.

Anyway, you go to Atlanta, and everything is Peach Tree this and Peach Tree that. The Georgia peach, right? I've tried Georgia peaches and I've tried South Carolina peaches, but can't none of 'em match some peaches I ate as a kid. We would go and pick at Shooks Farm in Central Lake, Michigan. Those were peaches! My mom tells me that they no longer grow peaches (a pity), just cherries.

As good as cherries are, the ultimate fruit experience of your life could never be cherries now, could it? The Georgia peaches I've tried have always tended to be a little pasty, never as sweet, juicy and perfectly textured as I remember those Shook peaches being in days of yore. That may be because I've never picked peaches right out of the orchard here; just bought supermarket peaches.

We would pick a couple of bushels. We would eat as many as we could, and the rest my mom would can (early on) or freeze (in latter years). I remember a bushel basket of peaches in the garage with a blanket over the top. I pulled out a peach, took it out to the field next to our house (where we would play pick-up football and baseball) and eat it. The best fruit of my life.

It was the perfect peach, the peach to which all future peaches would be compared in vain. The only fruit experience which could come close would be the Alfonso mangos the spousal unit and I ate in Delhi in 1992.


The Teaches of Peaches!

Put that in your youtube and google it. hehe

Re: The Teaches of Peaches!

"can keep you out of trouble, and keep you out of a doctor's office" Ah, the wonders of peaches!

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