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Catamount Community Radio Radio - May 1, 2011

Today's show opened and closed with Abdullah Ibrahim, once known as "Dollar Brand." He's a South African pianist and composer who was "discovered" by Duke Ellington in the early sixties. I've had the good fortune to see him twice, once with a big band in East Lansing back in the eighties and then ten years later on solo piano in Granada, Spain. I've always been mesmerized by his music, with its achingly beautiful repeated figures and dissonant interludes.

We also listened to James Brown's "Funky Drummer". Its drum break, played by Clyde Stubblefield, is the number one sample on hip hop records. You can hear it Gang Starr's "2 Deep," Geto Boys' "Mind of a Lunatic," Mos Def's "Mathematics," Nas's "Get Down" Public Enemy's "Fight the Power," as well in jams by LL Cool J, Vanilla Ice, the Beastie Boys and countless others.

We heard Andrés Jiménez do "Me voy pa' el campo," with its theme that can be traced back to antiquity: can't stand the city; gotta get back to the country.

I drew on Mr. T's "Da Prophet" series to fill out the show, which enabled us to hear the three Cohens, the Tempees, the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, Chris Cheek, Carla Thomas, Sharon Jones and Aquila Rose. Thanks, Mr. T.

Today's quiz question: Who wrote the tune "Help Me Make it through the Night"? (Hint: He also wrote "Sunday Morning Coming Down," and, according to legend, landed in a helicopter on Mr. Cash's property to show him the tune.)

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Carolina time) on WWCU. Be somebody; tune in.

1. Abdullah Ibrahim – Mannenberg Revisited
2. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
3. Three Cohens – It Could Happen to You
4. Grant Green – My Babe
5. The Temprees – Dedicated to the One I Love
6. Abdullah Ibrahim & Archie Shepp – Moniebah
7. Andrés Jiménez – Me voy pa’ el campo
8. Manu Dibango – Fleur de marigot
9. Wolfmoon – My Kinda People
10. Jay Dee – Signs
11. Abdullah Ibrahim – The Mountain
12. Jamie Lidell – Multiply
13. 菅野よう子 – Cats on Mars (DMX Krew Remix)
14. The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band – Sum Kinda Hora
15. Wynton Marsalis – Fire in the Night
16. The Mar-Keys – Last Night
17. Israel “Cachao” López – Bailando entre espuma
18. Chris Cheek – Reno
19. James Brown – Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat)
20. James Brown – Funky Drummer, Pts. 1 & 2
21. Eric B. & Rakim – Lyrics of Fury
22. Carla Thomas – Let Me Be Good to You
23. Abdullah Ibrahim – Moniebah
24. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Inspiration Information
25. Tin Hat Trio – Helium
26. RDW w/ Aquila Rose – Big Yellow Taxi
27. Joyce Bond - Help Me Make it Through the Night
28. Bebo Valdés – Lamento cubano
29. Abdullah Ibrahim – In a Sentimental Mood

Clyde Stubblefield, the "Funky Drummer"

Abdullah Ibrahim


Take the ribbon from my hair.

I know that one (only due to your hint). Kris Kristoferson wrote Sunday Morning Coming Down, therefore He must have helped the ladies make it through the night, as well!

Re: Take the ribbon from my hair.

Correct! And this time I'm really going to the send the sticker!

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