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Fishing with my Dad

I don't care about the NFL draft, and even less about the royal wedding. I hear the major networks are sending their anchors across the ocean to cover that mess. Could that be true? It's about enough to make me want to haul off and dump some tea in Boston's harbor or something. Anyway ...

I remember the first time I was conscious of the year ... I'm not saying it's my earliest memory ... pas de tout, but rather simply thinking "It's 1970." I was riding home in the 1966 candy apple red Ford station wagon from fishing in the Jordan River with my dad. I had on a red cap, leather as I recall, that had a small brim all the way around AND earflaps. I don't think we caught a thing, in spite of having set off at the crack of dawn. Why did we have to do that, don't fish bite later in the day as well? Only early in the morning? Well, they weren't biting that morning.

Usually we didn't fish in rivers, though. Usually we went to Clam Lake. Our baby-sitter, Mrs. Skinner, had a cottage there and we had a standing invitation to use her row boat. Once upon a time, her late husband had caught a pike, or a muskellunge, that was mounted on the wall. I was impressed with the teeth.

But we never caught pike, just blue gills, sunfish, or perch, these are the fish names that I can remember. I remember looking down at the seaweed as we rowed out from the dock, and being glad I was in the boat (I was never a strong swimmer).

There were also swans there, that were temperamental. Don't mess with the swans.

There was an outhouse up the hill out back, a two seater. What? Are you supposed to take a dump accompanied, and chit chat? Comment on the items for sale in the Sears Catalogue?

One summer day a water skier sprayed my dad and me. My dad was furious. I was thinking to myself, "Just chill, it's not such a big deal." But he went so far as to contact the sheriff, whom he surely knew anyway since he was the main road engineer in the county.

I haven't fished since I was a kid, but sometimes in my dreams I go fishing, and I usually catch a lot of fish.



This was posted at the same time that The Trout Festival was happening in our home town.

Re: Co-inky-dink?

I remember now that in Kalkaska there was a huge statue of a leaping trout, I wonder if it's still there. Also, isn't it funny how they have the "Bass Queen," the "Trout Queen," the "Coho Salmon Queen," and it just seems normal?

Re: Co-inky-dink?

oops, my bad. Mancelona has the Bass Festival, and Kasky has the Trout Festival...right?
But it is still the begining of fishin' season!


I just googled the kasky statue. Apparently they've had one since '66, but not the same one. They change it. Maybe it's made out of styrofoam and fiberglass!


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That was the only fish I ever caught. We collected them in a creel of metal hung off the side of the boat.

I didn't remember about the outhouse. Probably had Montgomery Ward catalogs too. I do remember the spring house, I think she called it, a small structure built into the side of the slope down by the dock. While the cottage had no electricity, that was where food was kept cool instead of a refrigerator.

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