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Greetings from West Palm Beach, FL (1)

No Catamount Community Radio today for the obvious reason that I'm out of town. I gave the manager a show on two CDs from 2008, but told him that it wouldn't bother me if he decided not to play it.

I know what you're thinking ... well, I don't know exactly what you're thinking, I'm only human after all, but I can hypothesize: "Boy's been on the move." Ain't that the truth. I left Lexington at about one p.m. on Friday, drove the five hours (mostly in the rain as far as Knoxville) and made it home around six. I had a few hours to rest and pack, but I needed to get up at three in the morning, because my flight out of Asheville was leaving at 5:30 in the morning. Jeez, what I haul off and done that for, huh? I made it, again driving in the rain. At least there's not much traffic at four in the morning. Mostly just the lonely semi trucks. By ten in the morning yesterday, the plane had touched down in Florida. I see that I left tornados and destruction behind me in Carolina. I do admit that 39-minute flight between Asheville and Charlotte was pretty bumpy!

You can imagine that I was tres fatigué, hecho polvo, which is to say tired, by the time I checked into the hotel. I took a nap and chilled the rest of the day, surfing the web and reading the James Brown Reader. I'll be sure to review it when I'm finished reading it. I actually met one of the editors in Seattle a few years back, Nelson George. He was nice to me and I enjoyed talking with him (unlike Robert Christgau, who left me planted the day before when he realized that I was nobody and that I knew nothing). I told Nelson George how I flew to NYC and walked down 125th St. past the Apollo Theater the day Brown died, Christmas Day, 2006. Only now do I realize now that that walk down 125th Street was on my previous trip to New York. My mind was playing tricks on me.

The reason for my trip to Florida is to give a lecture on Cervantes tomorrow at Palm Beach State College. Unlike the talk I gave in Kentucky, this one is aimed at the general public, rather than at specialists. After listening to X.Ray and Glen, I'll probably sit by the pool and tweak the talk.



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