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Catamount Community Radio Radio - March 6, 2011

Beautiful rainy day today. The spousal unit said I should drive. I said I'd walk, I have a big umbrella and a world-class raincoat after all. It's probably about a mile and a half from my house to the station. I made it on time ... barely. I should have played Randy Newman's "Every Time it Rains," which I actually meant to play, but I accidently left it off my mix CDs. Oh Well. But I did play his "Korean Parents," which anticipated the tiger mom book ("you can have a sleep-over when you're married") by a few years.

Korean parents for sale
You say you need a little discipline?
Someone to whip you into shape,
They'll be strict but they'll be fair.

Look at the numbers,
That's all I ask.
Who's at the head of every class?
You really think
They're smarter than you are?
They just work their asses off,
Their parents make them do it.

Today's big theme was the songwriting of Leon Payne. He was a blind country singer and songwriter. His legendary song, "Psycho" has been recorded by many, including Elvis Costello. He's also had his tunes recorded by another Elvis, a certain Presley, who did his "I Love You Because" for Sun Records in 1954. Hank Williams recorded two of his tunes, "Lost Highways," which we listened to today, and "They'll Never Take her Love from Me." Who else has recorded his material? Well, George Jones, for one, who scored a hit with Payne's "Things Have Gone to Pieces."

According to legend, Payne didn't want "Psycho" to be recorded until after his death. Although this may be apocryphal, because Eddie Noack recorded the tune in 1968, a year or so before Payne died, or maybe not. Not even Wikipedia can answer that ... yet.

Can Mary fry some fish, Momma?
I'm as hungry as can be
Oh lord, how I wish, Momma.
You could stop the baby cryin'
'Cause my head is killing me.
I saw my ex again last night, Momma.
She was at the dance at Miller's store.
She was with that Jackie White, Momma.
I killed them both.
And they're buried under Jacob's sycamore.

Much more on Payne (and MP3s galore) at Boogie Woogie Flu where Will Rigby has a nice article (my source for this material).

Beyond that, two by the Duke of Ellington (one with Coltrane) and two versions of Thelonious Monk's "Well You Needn't."

Last week a caller requested Björk's "Possibly, Maybe" so I got that on.

With what's going on in Wisconsin, there's been a lot of talk about unions. The fact is that unionization in the states has been decreasing rapidly in the last 40 or 50 years. At the same time income inequality has been growing, with the rich getting richer and most everybody else having a harder time getting by. Are the two things linked? Possibly, Maybe. So I played Tex Williams' "Teamster Power," followed by a tongue-in-cheek number, "Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa."

I had a little hobo thing going for awhile, with Paul SImon's "Papa Hobo" and John Lee Hooker's "The Hobo." Up my sleeve I had Roger Miller's "King of the Road," and Dylan's "Drifter's Escape" but they couldn't find their way out. I even had Hendrix's version of Dylan's tune. (He must have really liked the John Wesley Harding album, since we know he has a great version of "All Along the Watchtower.")

Needed an excuse to put up this cool image

Catamount Community Radio, on WWCU-FM Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST).

1. Brad Mehldau – When It Rains
2. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane – My Little Brown Book
3. John Stetch – Well You Needn’t
4. Bebo Valdés – Tres lindas cubanas
5. Tex Williams – Teamster Power
6. Tim Wilson – Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa
7. Sketch Show – Ekot-Cornelius Remix
8. Yusef Lateef – Jungle Fantasy
9. Hank Williams – Lost Highway
10. Elvis Presley – I Love You Because
11. Eddie Noack – Psycho
12. Elvis Costello – Psycho
13. Kahil El’Zabar – Well You Needn’t
14. Kiran Ahluwalia – Vo Kuch
15. Björk – Possibly, Maybe
16. Paul Simon – Papa Hobo
17. Randy Newman – Korean Parents
18. John Lee Hooker – The Hobo
19. George Jones – Things Have Gone to Pieces
20. Smooth Ace – Jungle Daisy World
21. James Brown – I Got Ants in my Pants
22. Claude Thornhill – Sometimes I’m Happy
23. Kenny Werner – West Coast Variant
24. Osvaldo Ayala - ¿Cuándo me vas a querer?
25. Hot Lips Page – Jungle King
26. Elvis Costello – Hidden Shame
27. Alton Ellis – Girl, I’ve Got a Date
28. Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes the Place of You
29. Duke Ellington – Air-conditioned Jungle
30. Bebo Valdés – Tres lindas cubanas (fragment)



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