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Catamount Community Radio Radio - February 6, 2011

Despite feeling slightly under the weather (so, when you feel great, do you feel "over" the weather?), I headed up to Glenville on Friday night to listen to Tyler's quintet play jazz. I ate a sloppy dog, which was pretty tasty. The band humored me and let me sit in and even agreed to play one of the latest tunes I've written, "Pensativo." I got great feedback from the band and from the people, and I tend to think that they were sincere. I must have counted it off a little fast, because it was a little fast. But it was fun to play. Anyway, Tyler had the band play the Stylistics' "People Make the World Go Round." It really worked in a jazz setting, the tenor sax substituting for the lead vocal. Nice, Tyler. We heard the original this morning. tune today.

What else? A couple of Ethiopian tunes, one by Mulatu Astatke and another by Bahta Gebre-Heywet. The former played a tune called "Chinese New Year." If I'm not mistaken, and more often than not I'm mistaken, Chinese New Year was a couple of days ago. It's the year of the rabbit. So, do we go out and multiply? 6x8=48, 5x11=55, 6x9=54. Siwy Wabbit.

Tim called in. Off and on, he's been listening since back in the day, since when we used to broadcast from the basement of Moore Hall. He was digging Tom Waits' "Step Right Up." In that spirit, I played George Carlin's "Modern Man" for him. I'll play some Django Reinhardt for him next week.

For the third week in a row, I played a tune by Coleman Hawkins. Funny, this happened by chance. I didn't plan it that way. He, Ben Webster and Gene Ammons were today's tenor titans.

We heard Johnny Hodges play Hoagy Carmichael's "Two Sleepy People." The utter beauty, the sheer beauty (is there a difference between sheer and utter?) of his tone made up for not being able to hear the lyrics.

Here we are, in a cozy chair;
Pickin' on a wishbone from the frigidaire.
Two sleepy people with nothing to say,
And too much in love to break away.

I was digging around in the itunes store, and I see that Sharon Jones & Michael Buble covered "Baby, You've Got What it Takes." Now, the Dap Kings, despite being "derivative" are probably one of the best bands out there; and Sharon Jones is dynamite. But still, hearing Dinah Washington and Brook Benton do it can't be beat.

All this and more. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (Carolina time) on Power 90.5.

1. Harry Nilsson – Turn on your Radio
2. Thelonious Monk – I Hadn’t Anyone Till You
3. Ben Webster – In a Jam
4. Mark Knopfler – Baloney Again
5. Kaki King – Carmine Street
6. Mulatu Astatke – Chinese New Year
7. Oliver Nelson – Cascades
8. Big Star – Thirteen
9. Kristen Hall – Out in the Country
10. Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – The Best is Yet to Come
11. Tom Waits – Step Right Up
12. Erroll Garner – The Coffee Song
13. Kahil El’Zabar – All Blues
14. Coleman Hawkins – Under Paris Skies
15. Maceo Parker – Latin Like
16. George Carlin – Modern Man
17. Slim Gaillard & Slam Stewart – A Tip on the Numbers
18. Bahta Gebre-Heywet – Ewnet Yet Lagegnesh
19. Bill Frisell – Abidan
20. Yusef Lateef – The Three Faces of Balal
21. Prince – Brand New Orleans (instrumental jam)
22. The Meters – Looka-Py Py
23. Dinah Washington & Brook Benton – Baby You’ve Got What it Takes
24. Johnny Hodges – Two Sleepy People
25. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Be Easy
26. Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
27. Amadou & Miriam – M’bife (balfon)
28. John Lee Hooker – I Cover the Waterfront
29. The Stylistics – People Make the World Go Round
30. Gene Ammons – Canadian Sunset

Gene Ammons

Dinah Washington


Tell your dad "Get off my back"

13 is my fave Big Star song. Thank you.
(And would you be an outlaw for my love?)

Re: Tell your dad "Get off my back"

Only if you can get tickets for the dance.

Couldn't believe what a following Alex Chilton had. I had hardly even heard of him, and then when he died all the music bloggers wrote about him. I thought, how did I miss this guy?

Re: Tell your dad "Get off my back"

Yeah he seemed to be a major influence to a lot of people. I never was aware of them in their prime. I actually found out through being a fan of the Replacements.

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