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Dog Poop

Fidget, bless her heart, is getting old, and she doesn't always make it across the street to do her business. The other day I realized before heading for school that I had forgotten something, so I leaned my bike where it was convenient (against the Toyota in the driveway), and went back into the house to retrieve the thing before setting off for a day of work. When I got to the office, my nose informed me that I had dog poop on the bottom of one of my hiking boots. Fortunately, I keep a pair on nice Italian leather shoes in my office. I got onto my hands and knees and cleaned up the poop stains I found on the carpet, and put the offending boot into a plastic bag to wait until I had time to clean it.

When that time came, I put the other boot on and walked down the hall with the stinky boot in the plastic bag. What surprised me is that nobody in the hallway even looked at me funny. Here I am, going down the hall, one hiking boot on and one sock-foot, and nobody even gives me a second glance. I expected, you know, somebody to look at me and smile, or look at me with a puzzled expression ("why is this guy walking down the hall with only one boot on?"), but it was as if I were invisible.

It makes me wonder: how far away from normal must you go before complete strangers will notice you?


A Mohawk Might Do The Trick For Ya

One drunk night in Key West I lost my wallet and keys. My bike was chained to a lamp post in front of a bar right on the main drag. (no pun) The next day I went to retrieve my bike with a huge pair of bolt cutters. That didn't even register any reaction with the crowded side walk traffic.

Re: A Mohawk Might Do The Trick For Ya

That's a good story.

But I think I would need to have my face painted like a clown in addition to the mohawk to get any attention.
Lots of people have polished the "I'm not looking at you" look...its from years of your mother telling you not to stare...helps to have long bangs like young Wolfe, the Cherokee basketball prodigy

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