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Greetings from Mancelona, MI (2)

Yesterday my brother and I headed down to Cedar River to do some cross country skiing. We had a great time, skiing for about two hours over the snowmobile tracks. It was cold, mid-twenties probably, but with no wind. It was sunny and the snow sparkled, as if laced with tiny orange and green gems. We only ran across three snowmobiles. (Personally, I'm against burning fossil fuels for recreation: I like cross country skiing instead of snowmobiling, sailboats instead of speedboats, bicycles instead of motorcycles, and don't even mention jet skis.... etc. etc. Granted, we did drive down to Cedar River, so I do plead guilty to mild hypocrisy.) In several places we could see where deer had been foraging for food, or maybe sleeping. We did a little bushwhacking, but for the most part, stuck to the trails, in part because there was a lot of wild sumac to go through. I may ski again tomorrow. Today my exercise was shoveling the roof.

The storm messing up the eastern coast didn't really touch Michigan. My sis' in NH claimed to have gotten two feet of snow, and I'm sure Jim Dandy got the same up in Maine. The snow here, which is plentiful, was all here before we arrived. So, Lovely Weather, Heather, and we'll move on to other topics.

I've been practicing the tenor sax and writing a tune. I had a few good hours to work on it today while my mom and daughter were off shopping and seeing a movie.

Later in the evening, I walked to the party store to buy some beer and it was just like the old days: my boots crunching in the snow and the glow of television sets in the houses. Pure Michigan.

This is the time of year for reading. I read A Catcher in the Rye maybe twenty five years ago, and this is my first re-read since then. The novel holds up, I tell you. Novelistically speaking you can't beat a combination of humor and sadness. Poor Holden, he's hilarious, but he also feels, "so damn lonesome." When I'm not reading that, I'm making my way through a Cesar Aira novella, which I'll tell you about later.

Tomorrow, after finishing my roof shoveling, I'll head down to Mt. Pleasant to spend the afternoon with my brother. We'll jam some, eat, drink, and talk about music. I'll take my tenor, and my skis, just in case.

Beautiful sunset today. I miss that, living in a valley in the mountains. Orange and purple and blue. The snow makes it better, and the pine trees and the cold air. Aw shucks.


2 feet

Whaddya mean "claimed?"

It took a solid hour to shovel the deck. The dog wouldn't even go out the back door (too scary) and Jim had to plow the driveway twice. Lost a tractor chain in the process!

Latest news is that there will be strong winds tomorrow; that should be interesting with all the fresh snow!

It's also very cold, near zero tonight.


Re: 2 feet

I didn't see it. Therefore, "claimed."

I'm only half done with the entry. I pushed some key and the language switched to Chinese. So I restarted the computer, and now I'm going to finish the entry.

Re: 2 feet

too deep for snow angels, but the dog finally made a path through it (more like a tunnel)

Holden Shovels

Yeah, I got that snow here. It was wondrous and windy. I was finally happy that I bought a used snow blower 2 summers ago. I got to use it to carve out my driveway both Monday and Tuesday. Yay. A satisfying accomplishment as long as I don't have to do it every day. Now we are back to Sunny 20 degree days and my driveway is a solid ice piece of art.
Didn't Holden Caulfield say something like, "Goddamn money always has a way of making you feel blue." Well, I don't concur.
Enjoy Michigan, Nanook, and don't forget to write your name in the snow.
Jim Dandy, reporting from Maine.

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