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Lick My Decals Off Radio, December 19, 2010

In honor of Don Van Vliet, ya' know?

Captain Beefheart died on Friday, thus the title of today's show. I've never been a huge fan, but I've always had a bit of curiosity and a bit of admiration in my heart for the work of the Captain. You got a beef with that? By the way, Captain Beefheart is another in a long line of artists I was introduced to by my brother.... Fast and bulbous, Got me? I read the whole Wikipedia entry on him yesterday, and was disturbed to learn that he practiced cruel brain-washing tactics on the original members of the Magic Band while rehearsing for Trout Mask Replica. I was happy though to learn of his admiration for Ornette Coleman and Howlin' Wolf.

Don Van Vliet's "Cross Poked Shadow of a Crow, no. 1"

Miya Masaoka started us off with Ellington's "Come Sunday," played on the, get this, the 17-string Japanese koto zither.

In other news, I mined the rich veins of the Mundial Mix series: Ulf Wakenius, Ben Riley, Conjunto Céspedes, etc.

Donny Hathaway sang "A Song for You," a song we associate with the Carpenters. Donny Hathaway kills it, but don't take my word for it. If you doubt, ask Amy Winehouse (with whom I'm in a complicated relationship).

We reprised our Mancini theme from last week, with Sarah Vaughan singing "Slow Hot Wind," (with the requisite stupid joke at the end) and then Ted Nash's version of "Dreamsville."

I got a kick out of playing Albert Pla's cover of "Walk on the Wild Side," ("El lado más bestia de la vida"). I remember seeing Pla ages ago in Sevilla with my friend Luis. In those days he was making waves by making fun of the royals with his "Carta al rey Melchor." He had this sort of throne / easy chair on the stage I remember. Oh, how the time slips away.

Beyond that, some Christmas songs (Chuck Berry ...

... bought me a Hi-Fi for Christmas
Now I'm living in Paradise.)

Oh, and MIA'S "The Message":

Headbone connects to the neckbone
Neckbone connects to the armbone
Armbone connects to the handbone
Handbone connects to the internet
Connected to the Google
Connected to the government

and, as usual, some good jazz.

Catamount Community Radio, on Power 90.5 Sunday morns, 10-12 in Carolina. Tune in!

1. Miya Masaoka – Come Sunday
2. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
3. Chuck Berry – Merry Christmas, Baby
4. Jimmy Smith – The Very Thought of You
5. Errol Garner – Play, Piano, Play
6. João Bosco – A nivel de…
7. Ulf Wakenius – Believe, Beleft, Below
8. Hank Snow – The Reindeer Boogie
9. Duke Ellington – Sugar Rum Cherry (Dance of the Sugar Plum etc.)
10. Captain Beefheart – The Dust Blows Forward and the Dust Blows Back
11. Captain Beefheart – Ice Cream for Crow
12. Charlie Parker – White Christmas
13. Ben Riley – Shufle Boil
14. Dodie Stevens – Merry, Merry Christmas, Baby
15. Dr. Michael White – Give it Up (Gypsy Second Line)
16. Hydroponic Sound System – Lagos, Michigan (’72)
17. Conjunto Céspedes – Virgen de la Caridad
18. Sarah Vaughan – Slow Hot Wind
19. Ted Nash – Dreamsville
20. Bumble Bee Slim – Christmas and no Santa Claus
21. Freddie King – I Hear Jingle Bells
22. Albert Pla – El lado más bestia de la vida
23. Donny Hathaway – A Song for You
24. John Scofield – A Go Go
25. Louis Armstrong – Zat You, Santa?
26. Charlie Hunter – Ain’t We Got Fun
27. MIA – The Message
28. Les Gypsies de Petion – Ville – Le vrai Bonheur

Miya Masaoka

Donny Hathaway



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