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Catamount Community Radio Radio - December 12, 2010

I woke up this morning to see a couple inches of snow on the ground. It turned out to be the heavy, wet snow that we get down south, not particularly good for rolling around in, although for making snowmen or snowballs, perfect. As far as I can tell, everybody still has electricity.

One of the things I miss, living in Carolina, is snow. I have fond memories of walking around at night in Mancelona, my boots making "crunch, crunch" sounds. In almost every house I walk past, there is the glow of the television set, and I think to myself, even though they are in there, warm and cozy watching the tube, I'd rather be out here walking in the snow in the quiet night.

I drew on a vein of gold, pure gold and a mundial mix for today's show, and that F in measure seven of "Pensativo" should be natural, not sharp. Tyler knows what I'm talking about.

James Moody died the other day at the age of 83. Goodbye, James Moody. He was a good guy, often associated with Dizzy Gillespie, and a heck of a sax and flute player. I played a few of his tunes, including his most famous number, "Moody's Mood for Love."

We also focused a bit on the music of Henry Mancini. We heard "Pink Panther Theme" and "Lujon" (also known as "Slow Hot Wind") and a cover of the Pink Panther Theme by James Moody. Ted Nash has an album called "Mancini Project," from which we heard "Baby Elephant Walk" and "Lujon."

I told a joke, the punch line of which is "Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer" and then we moved right to Mel Torme singing "The Christmas Song," you know, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire."

I played a few other Christmas tunes, including Jonathan Coulton's "Christmas is Interesting," Lowell Fulsome's "Lonesome Christmas," Hank Thompson's "I'd Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas" and Kurtis Blow's "Christmas Rapping."

I remember my brother introducing me to rap music ("hip hop" wasn't used in those days) around 1981. We listened to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Kurtis Blow's "The Message" down in the basement, on vinyl, of course.

I played in the WCU Jazz Ensemble this semester, 2nd alto. The director, the magician Pavel Wlosok did a great job editing and mixing the group's CD, "St. Louis Blues." I played a cut from it, featuring Asheville's Kat Williams singing the Gershwin standard, "S'Wonderful."

Had I realized it is Sinatra's birthday today, I would have played a tune or two of his. And had I realized that there would be snow on the ground, I would have been prepared for that too ... though, by a turn of fate, I was able to play Aaron Goldberg's "The Sound of Snow."

Catamount Community Radio airs on Power 90.5 Sunday mornings 10-12 (Carolina time).

1. Dorothy Love – Ninety Nine and a Half
2. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – I’ll Be Seeing You
3. Kenny Burrell – My Heart Stood Still
4. Lowell Fulsome – Lonesome Christmas, Pt. 1
5. Henry Mancini – Pink Panther Theme
6. Jorge Drexler –Una canción me trajo hasta aquí
7. James Moody – Workshop
8. The Beatles – I’m Only Sleeping
9. Mel Torme – The Christmas Song
10. James Moody – Pink Panther
11. Ted Nash – Lujon
12. Jimmy Reed – Christmas Present Blues
13. WCU Jazz Ensemble w/ Kat Williams – S’Wonderful
14. Cassandra Wilson – Watch the Sunrise
15. Aaron Goldberg – The Sound of Snow
16. Peter Wolf & Shelby Lynne – Tragedy
17. James Moody – Tin Tin Deo
18. Lilian Terry – Moody’s Mood for Love
19. John Coltrane – The Night has a Thousand Eyes
20. Jonathan Coulton – Christmas is Interesting
21. Ted Nash – Baby Elephant Walk
22. Hank Thompson – I’d Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas
23. Ben Webster – I’ll See You in my Dreams
24. Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’
25. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Keep on Looking
26. The Beatles – In My Life
27. Henry Mancini – Lujon
28. Dámaso Pérez Prado – Alekum Salem
29. John Lennon – Isolation
30. Trygve Siem – Himmerland, Pt. 4



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