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Fish Curry

I see that my daughter brags on Facebook about practicing the sax for two hours. Well, the reason is that I made it fun for her (excuse me while I ... blow my own horn here ... ) Her band geek friend was staying overnight, and I had an idea: I'll write a chart for them to play. It didn't take long. I made sure it was easy to sight-read: whole notes, half notes, quarter notes ... nothing tricky. I wrote two-part harmony for two alto saxophones, and I played boogie-woogie piano to accompany them. So we worked on the tune for almost two hours, learning it, letting the two girls trade off on who plays alto 1 and who plays alto 2, experimenting with dynamics (play soft here, but when you get to the bridge, play as loud as you can!). They liked that. I don't know why I didn't get any FB love; I guess it just wouldn't be cool.

Where was I? I wanted to talk about cooking. I made cauliflower au gratin this evening, baked potatoes, Warren Wilson andouille sausage, green beans. Thanks to Jim Dandy, I now know to bake a whole mess of potatoes, just to have leftovers for the other days for home fries or potato salad.

Yesterday I made a combination fish / shrimp curry. It was a South Indian recipe for fish curry, but I figured that if I had the curry going, and some shrimp in the freezer, why not throw it in as well? You know, in Mexican and Spanish, and even French cuisine, there are tons of dishes that mix different types of seafood. So I just thought, why not? The curry was authentic:

Fry a finely chopped onion. Put in eight curry leaves or so. Add ginger and garlic. When it cooks for awhile and the onions start to brown, put in the spices: in this case, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, tumeric and chili powder. Salt. Coconut milk. Then I put in the fish (I had mahi mahi in the freezer), then later, the shrimp. It was good.

I had some left-over mustard greens that didn't seem to be too popular with the family units. So I got out a saag-paneer TV dinner that we bought in Atlanta (spinach and Indian cheese) and mixed the two together. The result was great.

I'm gonna call this American food, because I cooked it and I'm American. Of course it was Indian food, but with an American attitude as I put the meal together. All was served with Basmati rice.

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Re: Yummy

Snow will change that I'm sure. I think it's the transition from summer to fall that's been going back and forth, hot and cold. Not sure what season it is. Back aches have hindered my around the house chores too. Just wanna get food in the stand by mood quickly so I can just relax for the rest of the weekend. haha

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