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Unknown Hinson, Asheville, NC, October 30, 2010

My second Unknown Hinson show. While the shows were similar, I think I liked this one better. First of all the venue was a little cozier; the Grey Eagle is not exactly downtown, it has a low ceiling and not a big floor. Second, the sound was better this time. I also think he dug deeper into his repertoire. Besides doing favorites like "Alkyhol Withdrawal," "Peace Love and Hard Liquor," he did trickier songs like "Venus Bound."

As before, I have to say that this dude, for all his posing as a "Country and Western Troubadour," is a rock guitar giant. He picked every song with style. Near the end of his second set, he turned up the amp and covered Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen," and Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile." I think Hendrix is where he's coming from as a guitarist. It comes through more in the live shows than it does on records. As a sort of aside, I still feel sometimes that Hendrix doesn't get the respect he deserves. There's a New Yorker critic who deems Creedence Clearwater Revival superior to Hendrix .... Not in my universe!

It was Halloween weekend ("This Year Halloween fell on a weekend / Geto Boys are trick or treatin' / Robbin ' little kids for bags ...etc...." Throw two fingers in the air and say, "peace, love and sweet potato pie" if you get that reference!). Anyhoo, where were we? So it was Halloween weekend and they had a costume contest. It gave Unknown a nice break between sets, and I got some cool photos.

"Foggy Winders," "Hippie Chick," and many more. "Little Wing" during the encore. A great night for rock and roll (I mean country and western).

As always, he stayed after at the merchandise table to chat, pose for pictures, sign your girlfriend's breast. He's the man. He's the king of country and western troubadours. Take a drink. Be somebody.

Photos here. Earlier review here.



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