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Halloween Community Radio - October 24, 2010

One of the CDs I burned for today's show was something of a dud, freezing up on me twice, creating brief moments of dead air. Shit!

I framed the show with Nilsson's "Turn on your Radio," a pretty song, and then I tried to play as much appropriate Halloween music as I could, stuff like Mel Torme's "Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives,"

They're drenched in blood
Or caked with mud
You yell and scream
when one of them arrives

When you see them coming down the street
You better not have weights tied to your feet
They'll steal your heart
Tear you apart
Limb from limb
On a whim
They'll suck your brains
And eat your remains
They'll slice you up with little forks and knives
They're never merry
They're oh so scary
They're independent fellas
They don't live nine to fives
Monsters lead such interesting lives.

Speaking of sucking brains, here's Jonathan Coulton:

I don't want to nitpick, Tom, but is this really your plan?
Spend your whole life locked inside a mall?
Maybe that's OK for now but someday you'll be out of food and guns,
Then you'll have to make the call.
I'm not surprised to see you haven't thought it through enough.
You never had the head for all that bigger picture stuff.
But Tom, that's what I do, and I plan on eating you slowly.

I played a tune by Sufjan Stevens, whose title in its entirety is "They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!"

A played a couple by the Staple Singers, a couple by Chuck Berry, a couple by Sun Ra. A couple tunes by Unknown Hinson, whom I'll be seeing on Saturday night!!!!! We heard a couple of big band numbers. We heard Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings do a funky rendition of "This Land is Your Land."

I had two calls today; one from Patrick who hadn't heard Alice Cooper in ages and another from a guy who wanted to know the title of the Neil Young tune I was playing ("Razor Love").

Who knows what secrets lurk in the hearts of men, besides the Shadow? I don't. And who knows what I'll be playing next week? I don't. But tune in next week and you'll find out. Catamount Community Radio, on Power 90.5, Sunday mornings 10-12 Carolinian hours.

(pssst: Wednesday night it's Ghostface Killah!!!)

1. Harry Nilsson – Turn on your Radio
2. Ben Webster – John Hardy’s Wife
3. Neil Young – Razor Love
4. Sun Ra – A Call for Demons
5. The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There
6. Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains
7. Duke Ellington – Take the A Train
8. Mel Torme – Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives
9. Chuck Berry – Promised Land
10. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Little Demon
11. Glenn Miller – Mission to Moscow
12. Tom Waits – The Ghosts of Saturday Night
13. Bob Dylan – Girl from the North Country
14. Dolly Parton – Coat of Many Colors
15. Herbie Hancock – Wiggle Waggle
16. James Brown – There it Is (pt. 1)
17. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – This Land is Your Land
18. Fela – Zombie
19. Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins – Jerry’s Breakdown
20. Alice Cooper – Welcome to my Nightmare
21. Buddy Emmons – Gonna Build a Mountain
22. Burning Spear – Brain Food
23. Unkown Hinson – Halloween Song
24. Sun Ra – Angels and Demons at Play
25. Chuck Berry – Back in the USA
26. The Staple Singers – You’ve Got to Earn It
27. Jolly Muckherjee – Puriya Dhanashi
28. Flatt & Scruggs – Foggy Mountain Breakdown
29. Unknown Hinson – Undead Blues
30. Sufjan Stevens – They They Are Night Zombies!! ...
31. Bruce Springsteen – No Surrender
32. Harry Nilsson – Turn on Your Radio

Unknown Hinson

Screamin' Jay Hawkins



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