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Catamount Community Radio - October 10, 2010

I'm just back from a trip to Roanoke, VA, where I read a paper at a conference. I talked about a poem by a great Cuban writer, José Lezama Lima.

When I drive on these long trips, when I'm not jockeying with the Peterbilts, Freightliners and Kenworths .... I give those guys all the room they need ... I like to see numerical patterns on the odometer, patterns like today's date, 101010. But if you think today's date is magic, wait until Nov. 11 next year: 111111.

Unless you've been living without radio, TV or the internet - and if you're reading this you must have internet - you know that, had he not been cut down, John Lennon would have been 70 yesterday. I did a little tribute to him. On the Virginia freeway on Friday, I was listening to Terry Gross's show on Lennon, with interviews with his first wife Cynthia, and with the guy who wrote the book about Lennon and the FBI. Good stuff. Cynthia said that when the Beatles got really big, John was not happy. During the live shows they couldn't hear themselves play, couldn't feel the interaction with the audience. She talked about how Lennon, when he got into stuff, he had to go all the way, moderation was not part of his character.

So today, besides playing his music, I talked about how I thought part of the greatness of the Beatles was the vocal harmonies, how they really had two lead singers: Lennon and McCartney. I talked about how a defining question for people of a certain age, like boxers or briefs, is, "Beatles or Stones?." I like the Stones, but I'm more of a Beatles guy. I bet Jim Dandy might say "Beatles and Stones!" I talked about how the Beatles destroyed Rock 'n' Roll. Basically, before, say, Revolver and Rubber Soul, rock was dance music, you felt it in your ass, not in your head, but then suddenly, the Beatles smoke some weed, and Rock 'n' Roll becomes art, that you listen to with your head. An interesting thesis. For me, I like me some White Album, some Revolver, some Rubber Soul more than I like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

This is not the first time I've featured John Lennon on the show. I suppose it would have been better radio had I ended the show with "Imagine," bringing tears to my listeners' (supposing I have any) eyes. But, I can't help it. I'm not like that. My hypothetical listeners already know "Imagine." I'm all about playing stuff people might not be so familiar with, like maybe "Glass Onion," or "How?" To end the show I played Marc Ribot's rough but tender solo guitar version of "Happiness is a Warm Gun."

Catamount Community Radio on WWCUFM, Sunday mornings, 10-12, Eastern Coastal time. My friends and relatives in France and Michigan have a hard time tuning in via the internets, but the honchos at the station insist that there is no problem with the streaming. I don't know.

1. The Beatles – Good Morning, Good Morning
2. John Coltrane – I’m Old Fashioned
3. Grupo Falso Baiano – Irmaos Super Mario
4. Henri Macini – Lujón
5. The Beatles – I’m So Tired
6. Roy Eldridge – Body and Soul
7. The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing
8. Tribalistas – Carnalismo
9. The Beatles – The Ballad of John and Yoko
10. Bruce Springsteen – Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
11. Hot Lips Page & Pearl Bailey – The Hucklebuck
12. Sufjan Stevens – The Upper Peninsula
13. John Lennon – Hold On
14. Johnny Hodges – On the Sunny Side of the Street
15. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Don’t Rock my Boat
16. The Beatles – Glass Onion
17. Bill Coleman – Afromotive in Blue
18. The Beatles – I’m Only Sleeping
19. Alarm Will Sound – Jynweythek Ylow
20. Federico Aubele – Otra vez
21. Maceo & the Macks – Soul Power ‘74
22. Doctor Rockit – Male James Bonding
23. The Beatles – In My Life
24. Eddie Harris – Born to be Blue
25. The Beatles – Polythene Pam
26. The Hollywood Jills – He Makes Me so Mad
27. Conway Twitty – Pop a Top
28. The Beatles – Wait
29. Moondog – All is Lonliness
30. John Lennon – How
31. Marc Ribot – Happiness is a Warm Gun

Statue in Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba


Happiness is a warm pen. (not)

Jim Dandy would answer with a firm Beatles (and boxers).
Speaking of Beatles, I was on a record pricing site that mentioned the value of Revolver (mono) $700.
I checked my collection and I had that. Unfortunately, it was a hand me down from someone else and had ink pen art on it filling in some of the album drawings. Damn. I hate when that happens. Oh well.
Looks like a great show. Sorry I missed it!

Re: Happiness is a warm pen. (not)

I had a mono (I think) copy of Revolver with a big chip on it, like a cookie that somebody had taken a bite out of.

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