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Catamount Community Radio - October 3, 2010

I haven't posted anything since last Sunday, well I did post a thing on dreams, but I got a little uncomfortable and deleted it. I don't need to be blogging about my dreams. Now if I had some really exceptional dreams, then maybe, but...

The day started with what I would have to call a good sign. I got here a little early, so I thought I'd get a cup of coffee (a second cup, why not, to drink while I did the show). Now, I had two twenties in my billfold, but I also had a bunch of loose change in my pocket, I was mumbling to myself about not wanting to break a twenty, and the girl said, "just give me whatever change you have; I'll cover the rest." The coffee was like $1.50. I gave her my change, probably about $1.37, and I was out the door with my coffee. A lot of people wouldn't have said a word, and would expect me to fork over the twenty. And it's not like I'm that cheap, but it was nice to be able to be rid of all that change and to still have the twenty in the billfold. Bless her heart, eh?

Today I played a few versions of "St. James Infirmary," by Louis Armstrong, Allen Toussaint, and Marc Ribot. Here's the reason: Tyler called me and brought up the idea of singing the tune at JJ's while he riffed on sax in the back. So I said sure. So I looked up the lyrics and sang in my best gravelly voice. My singing debut! (Although I think I led the Dragons through a version of "Wild Thing" at a party in East Lansing back in the late '80s.)

A little this and a little that rounded out the show. Catamount Community Radio on WWCUFM, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (Carolina and Michigan time). I have to stop typing now, because I can't type and listen to the douchebags prattle on at the same time.

1. Dexter Gordon – The Shadow of Your Smile
2. Luis Armstrong – Sugar
3. Frank Sinatra – There Used to be a Ballpark
4. Eric Alexander – The Star Crossed Lovers
5. Christian McBride – Chameleon
6. Allen Toussaint – St. James Infirmary
7. Louis Armstrong – St. James Infirmary
8. Tommy Dorsey – Opus One
9. Tom Waits – Blue Skies
10. Adam Rafferty – I Wish
11. Cassandra Wilson – Run the Voodoo Down
12. Vandermark 5 – Anywhere Else (fragment)
13. Eddie Harris – S’Wonderful
14. John Lee Hooker – Backbiters and Syndicators
15. Blossom Dearie – Give Him the Old Ooh-la-la
16. Oscar Peterson & Clark Terry – Mumbles
17. Maceo Parker – Latin Like
18. Harold Ousley – The People’s Groove
19. Society’s Bag – Let it Crawl
20. The Pearls – Shadow of Your Love
21. Terri Clark & Vince Gill – I Can’t Keep You in Love with Me
22. Dale Watson – Loose Nut Behind the Wheel
23. Sketch Show – Scotoma
24. Stanley Turrentine & Shirley Scott – Deep Purple
25. The Gordons – Beboppers
26. Dizzy Gillespie – Manteca
27. Sonora Ponceña – Night in Tunisia
28. Bill Frisell – What the World Needs Now is Love
29. Dinah Washington – This Bitter Earth
30. Moondog – Snaketime Rhythm
31. Marc Ribot – St. James Infirmary

Shirley Scott and Stanley Turrentine

Tommy Dorsey Band


St. James Dandy says...

What if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. decided to keep his dreams to himself, huh? What then, my friend? (besides maybe still being here to talk about it)
Where do I get off making jokes about the good doctor, huh? Where?

OK, new subject.
I heard this girl do an outstanding classical/jazz rendition of Toccata and Fugue in D minor on Maine Public Radio this morning. You probably already know of her. If not, check into it! Her name is Gabriela Montero. I think you'll dig her, Daddio!

Re: St. James Dandy says...

You talked me into it. I'll repost the entry tomorrow. I saved the text. And thanks for the tip.

Re: St. James Dandy says...

I'm not pressuring you to do anything that will embarrass yourself, but if world peace and racial equality hang in the balance, ask yourself...what would Gabriela Montero do?

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