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Eighth Grade Math

What kind of a problem is this?

"The changes in the price of a certain stock each day form Monday to Thursday of one week were -$2.25, +$0.50, +$1.50, and +$0.75. If the overall change in the stock price for the week was -$0.50, write an equation that can be used to find the change in the price on Friday and explain two methods of solving this equation. Then solve the equation and explain its meaning in the context of the situation."

What I love/hate is the bit that goes "explain its meaning in the context of the situation." Well, I can solve the equation:


The stock lost a dollar in value over the course of the week.

The context of the situation? The stock market depends on human variables that have nothing to do with pure mathematics. So, while these will be your numbers this week, next week they will be different. The capitalist system, by which the rich enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, depends on constant upturns in these numbers; ... but that may not be what is best for us as a society. Maybe stock prices should factor in such things as environmental degradation.


Me=Dumb E Square

I don't get that thar new math.
I'm still tryin to figger out the old math!

Re: Me=Dumb E Square

You're not a square. You're as hep as they come, daddy-o.

Re: Me=Dumb E Square

Relativitely Speaking.

Re: Me=Dumb E Square

I have an eighth grader in my first period class who looks JUST LIKE YOU!

eighth grade math

Besides, eighth graders don't even know what a "stock" is...totally wasted on them...
I think we should abolish standard arithmetic (procedures/equations) from all elementary school classrooms.

Re: Dudes, totally isolate your variable and like solve the equation.

Abolish standard arithmetic? Oh my! That sounds a little radical. Sometimes when I see the procedures that they show Iz they strike me as unnecessarily convoluted and more confusing than clarifying. I can't say if they are standard. What should be abolished are phrases like "explain its meaning in the context of the situation." You might just as well say "then write something about it." It would be better English. I suppose the challenge is to draw out the fun in math. The question is whether the fun is in the math itself, or when you see the applicability and usefulness of math. I bet the experts would say the latter, but wouldn't it be cool if it were the former?

Safety in Numbers

PLEASE extend my deepest sympathies!
Nah, on second thought tell him...WE ROCK!

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