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Catamount Community Radio - September 5, 2010

Mr. Nocturnal, a nickname I deserved once upon a time. I guess not any more. Last night I was in bed by ten and this morning I was up by six. I can hardly believe it myself. So I had plenty of time to solve puzzles and drink coffee this morning before heading to the station. It was chilly this morning, and I welcome that. To tell the truth, I'm tired of hot, muggy days and I look forward to the crisp fall weather.

Apparently the Douchebags (Jones and X.Ray) are taking the day off. No radio show on WFMU this afternoon.

On my way in what did I see but a dead crow. Unless somebody shoots one and strings it up to scare off its mates, you almost never see a dead crow. If it's still there when I go back home I'll have a good look at it. You almost never get to see crows from up close.

This morning, along with mining a little of that gold, pure gold, I played, among other things, a number by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. This week's New Yorker has an article by Sasha Frere Jones on what he calls "revival" music, by which he means artists' use of formulas codified back in the day. The Dap Kings, for example, use the James Brown model, and almost even improve on it. At first, SFJ was dismissive of the idea, because he is fond of innovation and freshness, but after seeing Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings live, he changed his mind. If it works, and if the formula is almost perfect, why toy with it? Plus, Sharon Jones is five feet of pure dynamite.

I played two versions of "I Can't Take my Eyes off of You," one by Nancy Wilson and one by Lauryn Hill. They're both good, but Nancy nails it.

For all you lovers of accordion, I treated you to two greats, Aníbal Velázquez and Paulino Vargas, with Los Broncos de Reynosa.

After playing a little of Bebo Valdés's Latin Jazz, I quipped, "Latin Jazz, a marriage made in heaven, or maybe Havanna." Then I explained that it really had its origins in New York, when Cubans like Mario Bauzá and Machito, who were classically trained musicians, hooked up with New York jazz cats, and applied their wicked harmonies to Cuban rhythms.

As I write I'm listening to a recording of a Hank Williams show, made in Pennsylvania. The sound quality is not so hot, but the singing is great, and the between-song banter is rich.

I had a thought today that I didn't mention: the magic of radio lies in the fact that there is no image.

I can't figure out why, but my brother in Michigan and my sister-in-law in France are unable to listen to the show through the media stream. I don't know what the problem is. When I listen on-line to WWCUFM I never have a problem, but I use a Mac and itunes. They're using PCs. I'll try to figure out what the problem is.

Catamount Community Radio airs on Power 90.5 Sunday morns, 10-12, East Coast time.

1. Funky Butt Brass Band – Soul Serenade
2. Coleman Hawkins – Under Paris Skies
3. Kenny Burrell – Moten Swing
4. Quincy Jones – Abso-beedin’-lutely
5. Hank Mobley – Fin de l’affaire
6. Dave Douglas – Play It, Momma
7. Sarah Vaughan – Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
8. Frank Sinatra – Deep in a Dream
9. Aníbal Velázquez – Sal y agua
10. Nancy Wilson – I Can’t Take my Eyes off of You
11. Silje Nergaard – Let There Be Love
12. Dr. John – Marie Laveaux
13. Eddie Harris – Freedom Jazz Dance
14. Buju Banton – Fast Lane
15. Bebo Valdés – Con poco coco
16. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Answer Me
17. Sheila Jordan – Baltimore Oriole
18. Johnny Cash – A Little at a Time
19. Al Tharpp – Boatin’ Up Sandy
20. Del Reeves – Lookin’ at the World Through a Windshield
21. Merle Haggard – Misery and Gin
22. Herbie Hancock – Bring Down the Birds
23. Lauryn Hill – I Can’t my Eyes off of You
24. La Playa Sextet – Hong Kong
25. Bud Powell – Marmalade
26. Los Tucanes de Tijuana – El trailero
27. Los Broncos de Reynosa – La muerte cruzó el Río Bravo
28. Prince – Dear Mr. Man
29. Tim Hagans – Boogaloo (fragment)
30. Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Los bueyes

Nancy Wilson

Paulino Vargas



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