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Catamount Community Radio - August 15, 2010

Jones is in Memphis, paying respects to the late king of rock and roll. It just ain't same when one of the two is gone.

Anyway, since I don't have a partner to banter with, when I'm out of town there ain't no show. Which was the case last week. But I'm back from San Antone, and you can bet I'll be spinnin' platters every Sunday morning for a good while.

About a month ago I started posting a little announcement of the show on my Facebook page on Saturday afternoons with a link to the station's home page, so that my "friends" could click it and tune in if they had the notion. I did so yesterday, and then I noticed that the WWCUFM home page featured an article copped from Fox News, about a poll that shows that Obama needs to take responsibility for the economic crisis. I try to avoid politics, so I deleted the FB entry.

So, I notice in one of the recent New Yorker magazines a long article about the reclusive John Lurie. I made my way through a good bit of it, and was reminded of his television show, "Fishing With John," which you would almost think was earnest, until you watched it for awhile. You would soon realize that the thing was done with tongue firmly entrenched in cheek. Funny, the week before in the NYer there was a long article about the crack-smoking Gil Scott Heron, who apparently has a new album out that has gotten good reviews. Keep up the good work, girls and boys. Anyhow, today I decided to play a tune from the 1999 Marvin Pontiac album. Marvin Pontiac was a character that Lurie invented, an insane African-Jewish musician. I think the album successfully pulled the wool over at least a few people's eyes.... "I got a hamburger in me."

Beyond that, a little Brazilian, some jazz, a hunk of funk so that you could move the junk in your trunk, some Mexican, a dash jazz, and a dose of etc.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings from 10-12 on the East Coast, on Power 90.5, "Cullowhee's rock station."

1. Stanley Turrentine – Watch What Happens
2. Mouse on Mars – Creolian Saphre
3. Teddy Wilson – Avalon
4. Bebo y Coilina – Con poco coco
5. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – Three Little Words
6. Miles Davis – Gone
7. Marvin Pontiac – Now I’m Happy
8. Tom Waits – The Heart of Saturday Night
9. Lucho Gatica – Contigo en la distancia
10. Federico Aubele – Otra vez
11. John Lewis – Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West
12. John Lennon – Hold On
13. Kaki King – Carmine Street
14. Rabih Abou-Khalil – Incantation
15. Seu Jorge – Mariana
16. Marisa Monte – Alta noite
17. Kelly de Lima, Troy Fernandez et al. – Leimomi
18. Jack McDuff – Hunk o’ Funk
19. Phil Ranelin – Sounds from the Village
20. Don Byron – Hewbie Steps Out
21. Prince – 77 Beverly Park
22. Ben Allison – Realization
23. Eric Alexander – Star-crossed Lovers
24. Los Tigres del Norte – De paisano a paisano
25. Los caimanes – El caimán
26. BJ Nevenko – Black Dog
27. Archie Shepp & Abdullah Ibrahim – Moniebah (fragment)

Don Byron

"Fishing with John" Apparently, by the end of the episode, Waits had become surly, or at least grumpy



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