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Greetings from Mt. Pleasant, MI

A lot of driving lately. 400 plus miles from Wilmington to the mountains, then a day of rest and preparation, and then the next day 400 plus miles to Lima, Ohio. The next day, from Lima, we headed northwest toward Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and then north to Lansing, Michigan and then on to my brother's place in Mt. Pleasant. Later today we'll drive the last 100 miles up to my mom's in Mancelona.

I liked Wilmington, getting battered by the waves in the ocean, a place called Kure Beach. Downtown is nice too, with the Cape Fear River running parallel to the main drag. I ate some excellent fish tacos the last night I was there, washed down with some good beer. At the hotel, there was a tennis court with a basketball goal on one end. A kid was shooting, so I grabbed my sneakers and asked him if he minded if I shot with him. Eventually I talked him into playing some 21. Swimming in the ocean, eating fish, drinking beer and playing basketball. That sounds like a vacation to me.

I brought my tenor up with me, and jammed with my brother last night. He played the piano. We sounded good, at least on one tune. We just played his tunes, simple chord changes, no need for charts. He prefers odd key signatures, which was good practice for me. A lot of fun.

In Mancelona, we might have a reunion of sorts of our old band, sans Jim Dandy. I hope so at least. Barry is going up from Grand Rapids with his drums, and hopefully Kenny can make it. I talked my brother into going up, so between my brother and me, we'll hold down the bass and add either a second guitar or sax. We'll see what becomes of it.

Beyond that I hope to do some bike riding, which is excellent in Antrim County, and meet some folks whom I haven't seen in ages.



Wish I could have stayed a little longer! Did you bring your bike or are you going to use a cruiser?


Re: Mancy

I have my bike. Isabel is riding the cruiser with the hand brakes, which I think was dad's. We've been cruising the streets of Mancelona. I think on Tuesday, I'll ride to Alden, but by myself. -m

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