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Greetings from Durham, NC (2)

Storms rolled through last night, with thunder lightning and heavy rain. Since I was safely back in the hotel, I loved it. I went out on the balcony and watched it rain for a while, and watched the semis go by on I-85. It was somehow cathartic; the gray skies of the last few days disappeared and today they were blue. I rode my bike down to Brightleaf Square, saw that Niko's (one of my favorite restaurants from back in the day) was still there, and I saw a Japanese place. I think I'll go there tomorrow for lunch and have some sushi.

Talked briefly to a homeless guy, who told me about getting chased by the Klan, and some other weird shit. He was looking for the VA Hospital, but was off track.

I've been putting in pretty long hours at the Duke library, which has a lot of stuff relevant to my research. I do a morning session, and then I go out and seek something delicious to eat, then I go back for a few more hours in the afternoon. The rest of the days I spend on my bike, or chillin' in my hotel room. Tomorrow is the last full day before the family gets here. Better make the best of it.

On the weekend, we'll watch a baseball game, eat out, maybe see a movie, then head for the beach.

I see that Harvey Pekar has died. First Lebron leaves, then Harvey Pekar dies; bad days for Cleveland. As for Lebron, well, he didn't bring Cleveland a championship, but as Tyler satys, he's not exactly a cold-blooded killer, like Jordan or Kobe. I think the hard feelings toward him are over the top. I guess it's just that Cleveland and its sports teams have simply had too much hard luck. Here is the entry I wrote about Harvey Pekar a few years ago.



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