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Catamount Community Radio - July 11, 2010

Thanks to Tyler for hipping me to some tunes. Ah, the last CCR for two or three weeks, but I'll be back. I'm hittin' the road; I'll be a road scholar, a scholar errant.

Some reggae, some jazz, some soul, some etc.

Big Daddy Kane: "So full of action / my name should be a verb."

Listening to Glen Jones and X.Ray Burns, a few minutes ago. X.Ray mentioned the photo that I posted on his FB page a few days back. Kinda cool.

Catamount Community Radio, on WWCU-FM Sunday mornings (well, not next Sunday) from 10-12 (Eastern Time).

1. Jackie Mittoo – Rainy Nights of Sound
2. Dinah Washington – What a Difference a Day Made
3. Gonzalo Rubalcaba – El guerrillero
4. Matt Wilson – The Bat
5. Bob Marley – There She Goes
6. Fred Knight – I’ve Been Lonely for so Long
7. Los Escorpiones – Igual me da
8. The Voodoo Trombones – Do It Your Own Way
9. Thornetta Davis – Come Go with Me
10. Looking Glass – Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)
11. Rhythms del Mundo, Idana Valdés and Aquila Rose – Big Yellow Taxi
12. Henry Mancini – Lujón
13. Larry Jon Wilson – Ohoopee River Bottomland
14. Manzanita – Un sábado por la noche
15. Fastball – The Way
16. Julia Lee – Mama Don’t Allow It
17. Cassandra Wilson – On this Train
18. Unforscene feat. Alice Russell – Don’t You Worry
19. Dr. Lonnie Johnson – Sweet Dreams
20. Bunny Wailer – Bide Up
21. Rumbanella Band – El Congo
22. Burning Spear – Brain Food
23. Gregory Isaacs – Warriors
24. Earth, Wind and Fire – Serpentine Fire
25. Mary Lou Williams – Mary Lou’s Blues
26. Big Daddy Kane – Raw
27. Bill Evans – Make Someone Happy
28. JD Allen – Sonhouse
29. The Meters – Sassy Lady
30. Toquinho & Jorge Ben – Fio maravilha
31. Blue Oyster Cult – Cities on the Flame with Rock n’ Roll
32. Dinah Washington – This Bitter earth
33. 3 Cohens – It Could Happen to You

Aquila Rose

Gregory Isaacs



with the Jamaicans to be let into the library to return some CDs before I take off on my trip (I didn't realize they don't open on Sundays till two), I saw Chris, one of my listeners, who informed me that my show is popular in the trailer park. How about that?f

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