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Catamount Community Radio - May 30, 2010

I haven't been doing much blogging lately, not because I don't want to, I just haven't had any of those "this is bloggable" inspirations. You know what I mean? Like: why is it that your fingernails grow in quantum leaps? I mean yesterday they were fine, but today they're much too long; they grew by a quantum leap during the night.

Today we listened to a couple of versions "The Sheik of Araby," one by Coleman Hawkins; another by Benny Green. The song was written way back in 1921, in response to a Rudy Valentino flick. It quickly became a jazz standard, and is mentioned in The Great Gatsby. It was especially popular in New Orleans, where there was a double meaning, since Arabi, LA is a town just down river from the Ninth Ward. Arabi was a center for gambling as late as the fifties.

Ah, Memorial Day. I guess that means summer is here. I don't know where Jonesy is, but X.Ray is doing the show alone today. Normally, the two banter for, say, 37 or 41 minutes between sets of music, but X.Ray today, despite the usual excellence, cut short the chatter after only eight minutes. He did say some things, like "Gary Coleman was way cooler than Michael Jackson..." and also explained that memorial day is to honor those who fought to protect our freedom to get drunk in the morning and listen to music (and these are just the minor things).

I gotta shout out to Tyler, for hipping me to a lot of the music I played today.

Somebody on the interstate mentioned how in the last few years Zombies have gone viral. Thinking of that, we listened to the classic "Zombie" by Fela Kuti:

Zombie-o, zombie
Zombie no go go, unless you tell him to go (Zombie)
Zombie no go stop, unless you tell him to stop (Zombie)
Zombie no go turn, unless you tell him to turn (Zombie)
Zombie no go think, unless you tell him to think (Zombie)
Tell him to go straight

Tell him to go kill
A joro, jara, joro
No break, no job, no sense
A joro, jara, joro
Tell him to go quench
A joro, jara, joro
No break, no job, no sense
A joro, jara, joro
Go and kill! (Joro, jaro, joro)
Go and die! (Joro, jaro, joro)
Go and quench! (Joro, jaro, joro)

We listened to Cracker's cover of the Carpenters' "Rainy Days and Mondays." The original came out in 1971; it almost made being depressed sound cool. But I have to confess, like Jim Dandy, that rainy days and Mondays don't get ME down!

And so on, and etc.

Catamount Community Radio, on Power Ninety Dot Five Sunday mornings from 10-12 (East Coast Time).

1. James Carter – You Never Told Me that You Care
2. Avishai Cohen – Sunrays over Water
3. Ella Fitzgerald – Here in Your Arms
4. Joe Henderson – Mamacita
5. John Surman – Chelsea Bridge
6. Charlie Parker – Red Cross
7. Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel
8. Elvis Costello – (The Angels Want to Wear my) Red Shoes
9. Kool Keith – Alpha Omega (the Beginning)
10. Betty Carter – There’s no You
11. Lee Dorsey – Who’s Gonna Help a Brother Get Further
12. Coleman Hawkins – I Wished on the Moon
13. Fela Kuti – Zombie
14. Cal Tjader – Buhuto (Nanigo 6/8)
15. Robert Fripp – Yamanashi Blues
16. Coleman Hawkins – The Sheik of Araby
17. Benny Green – The Sheik of Araby
18. Anita O’Day (w/ Gene Krupa & Roy Eldridge) – Slow Down
19. Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther
20. Willie Colón – Apartamento 21
21. Cracker – Rainy Days and Mondays
22. Daft Punks – Harder, Better, Faster
23. Bob Marley & the Wailers – There She Goes
24. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
25. Tijuana Taxi – Spanish Flea
26. Carlinhos Brown – Mande um email pra mim
27. Unknown Hinson – Hippie Girl
28. Figen Han – Haydi Bastir
29. Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice on You
30. Jason Moran – Lift Every Voice and Sing

John Surman

Jason Moran, sitting on two chairs



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