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Who Stole my Pants?

Maybe it was the same damn fool who spit chewing tobacco in the drinking fountain.

I was riding my bike to campus to play basketball when it started to rain. I rode the last three quarters of a mile in a downpour. At least I had the foresight to wear a raincoat. I got to the gym, changed into my shorts, and decided to hang my pants on some hooks to dry while I was ballin'. Thank goodness I remembered to remove my wallet. I thought that in the hour and a half or two hours that I played they would have some time to dry. When I got back to the locker room they were gone.

It was a pair of faded jeans, with small tear in the seat, a faint grass stain stain on the left knee, and a wadded up ten dollar bill in the front right pocket.

Humanity is failing me.


The Tell Tale Tear

From the description, I think I seen them...oh wait, there's only 17 cents in the pocket. Sorry, false alarm.
Good luck!
Don't look too hard for them. People may notice you checking out all the guys butts looking for that tear.

Re: The Tell Tale Tear

Apparently, Reid Gym is so notorious for petty theft that there is a Facebook page, "I've had stuff stolen at Reid Gym."

stolen pants and other stuff

The teacher in the room next to mine has had her lunch stolen almost every day for a couple of weeks. (She's a skinny little lady who probably doesn't eat much lunch anyway!) She puts behind the TV and it gets stolen during the half-hour when she is in a meeting in my room next door...Now she puts it somewhere else. I think we should set up a remote camera!

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