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Catamount Community Radio - March 14, 2010

The clocks leapt ahead this morning, so I didn't exactly feel like popping out of bed this morning at 8:15, which my body considered 7:15. But I did it, and once I had a little java running through my veins, i was just dandy.

We heard a spoken word thing by Howlin' Wolf, talking about how he was given the name Howlin' Wolf, then we heard one of his tunes.

We heard Kool Keith, AKA Doctor Octagon, do "Blue Flowers," a random chunk of which goes

Would you care to listen to me more? Thank you
Holding bags on down right from the hospital
It's a patient that's worth to keep the germs off the turf
Cybernetic microscopes and metal antidote
Two telescopes that magnify the size of a roach
Three computers to cup of coffee planted with my hand and
astroplanets detached turn on rear foggers

We heard some fine piano playing from Abdullah Ibrahim, Marcus Roberts, and James P. Johnson. Some "inside" jazz (Piero Umiliani, Benny Goodman), and some stuff that might be considered "out": Walter Smith III and Happy Apple.

We listened to a mash up of the lads from Liverpool with the King of Pop: Daytrip to Neverland (the mashed up songs were "Daytripper" and "The Way You Make Me Feel." As an aside, I think I'll mention that my favorite Beatles tune is "Glass Onion," but another of the lads' tunes that I really like is "Cry Baby Cry," which we heard today. I realize that it would be pretty easy to put together a show in which every tune had the word "baby" in the title. Heck, I could do two shows and not repeat a single song.

Beyond that, the usual eclectic goodness.

The show airs Sunday mornings from 10-12 (Caronlina time) on WWCU-FM.

(I got some time at the fancy schmancy studio today to record a tune I wrote, hurray!)

1. Abdullah Ibrahim – Whoza Mtwana
2. Marcus Roberts – Hidden Hues
3. Piero Umiliani – Dreaming of Duke
4. Hadda Brooks – That’s my Desire
5. Sarah Vaughan – Mean to Me
6. Clifford Jordan – Glass Bead Games
7. Kenny Burrell – Ballad of the Sad Young Men
8. John Coltrane – Feelin’ Good
9. Jimmie Rodgers & Louis Armstrong – Blue Yodel #9
10. Howlin’ Wolf – Howlin’ Wolf Talks
11. Howlin’ Wolf – Hidden Charms
12. Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can
13. Waylon Jennings – If the Shoe Fits
14. Jimmie Witherspoon – Times Gettin’ Tougher than Tough
15. The Beatles – Cry Baby Cry
16. Jungle Brothers – Tribe Vibes
17. Joe Henderson – Blue Bossa
18. Los Amigos Invisibles - Llegaste tarde
19. Bonde do Role – Fania
20. Happy Apple – Mary’s Mixture
21. Don Byron – Frasquita Serenade
22. Benny Goodman – King Porter Stomp
23. Count Basie – Backstage at Stuffs
24. Prince – Get on the Boat
25. Bebo Valdés – Tabú
26. Go Home Productions – Daytrip to Neverland
27. Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers
28. Phopho – Lumps
29. Ray Charles – Carryin’ that Load
30. Seu Jorge – Suffragette City
31. James P. Johnson – Blue Moods, Sex
32. Walter Smith III – Blues
33. Bill Frisell – Like Dreamers Do

Happy Apple

Howlin' Wolf



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