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Inspired by Tom Standage's A History of the World in Six Glasses, Chris has a series of blog posts on bevarages called "Seven Drinks of Mankind." In each he chooses a drink, and then explores how it has been treated in literature and music. Standage looked at the role of several beverages in world history; or maybe you could say that he looks at the history of the world through beer goggles, I mean through the prism of beverages: beer among the ancient Egyptians; wine among the Greeks and Romans, tea and the British empire; cola and the genius of American marketing, and so on.

I thought I would modestly pick up on this thread, and just riff on seven beverages. Today, wine.

My favorite beverage, it combines good taste, an alcohol content that is neither too high nor too low, and an incredible enchancing role with relation to food. It's the alcoholic beverage that can serve as a metonym for all alcoholic beverages, for if you say, "I love wine and women," what you're really saying is you like the ladies and the booze, whatever form it may take. When I was younger, I didn't drink much wine, but I've learned to love it (though I'm no connoisseur). Certain foods don't go with water. One is fish, and another is artichokes. The latter taste weird with water, but with wine they're sublime. (a wine expert once described a wine to me as "sublime, but very good.")

Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, vinho verde, dry sherry, tempranillo, chenin blanc, pinot noir, etc. etc. It's liquid poetry. Neruda:

Vino, color de día, 

vino color de noche, 

vino con pies de púrpura 

o sangre de topacio, 


(Wine, the color of day
wine the color of night,
wine with purple feet
or topaz blood,
wine ...)


Fun by the Gallon

boones is cheapos
mad dog is for creeps
tj swan for the girls
at the end of the week
I like red wine so I don't have to chill it.
But white may be handy if you think you might spill it!

Re: Fun by the Gallon

Nice. Tomorrow, beer.

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