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What if?

When you buy records, the more songs you have, the heavier your record collection gets. If you've got a lot of records, you have to schlepp them around in crates, and risk slipping a disc (pardon the pun) in your back.

But when you join the digital age, you no longer need to collect records, you can collect your songs and albums as sound files. Now, admittedly, there are some disadvantages to this, as we've discussed before. You can't roll around on the floor, indulging in the cover photographs and the (you'd be surprised how bad they often are) liner notes. But what you gain is weightlessness. A new laptop may weigh, let's say, four pounds. You've got your itunes, so you start loading it up with MP3 files... and miraculously the weight of the computer remains constant! No matter how many songs you download onto it!

The idea is astonishing: if your laptop weighs four pounds brand new and with the hard drive virtually empty, it still weighs four pounds a year later, with 8,781 songs on it. How can that possibly be?

What if every bit of data that you added to your hard-drive had a corresponding weight? Your computer would get heavier and heavier. Add a song; add a gram. On so on, and so forth.

Eventually, you'd need wheels for the thing!


apple pi

If you dropped your iPod and your record collection from the top of a building would they land at the same time? We may have to consult Sir Isaak Newton on this one. Oh wait. He's dead. Another mystery for the ages.

Re: apple pi

factoring out wing resistance, they we land at the same time, with an acceleration of 32 ft. per second per second, if I remember correctly. It would be more fun to throw your record collection one record at a time, because then you could toss them like frisbees, but if it was a silent movie or a cartoon, you would probably hit a copper. In the case of the latter, a bump would immediately appear, followed by clearly visible stars orbiting his head. Congratulations, you just wrote the 500th comment on this blog!

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