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I tend to feel a slight charge of happiness pulse through me when I see a piece of well-done work. It doesn't matter what sort of work. Say someone pours a sidewalk, and they do a fine job; I notice. I will look at a curving railing and admire the woodworking skill that went into it. Conversely, when I see something done sloppily, I get the opposite feeling, a negative charge pulses through me, equal in its (admittedly slight) intensity.

Perhaps my admiration stems from the fact I myself am not particularly talented with my hands. When I would try to put together model airplanes or model cars as a kid, I would always use a little too much glue that would squish out and look bad. Then I would try to clean it up and succeed only in spreading it around and making it look worse. My painting was also a little sloppy. Then I would break off a little plastic piece and the wheel wouldn't attach properly. In woodshop, my projects were OK, but not deserving of an A. The drawers might be a little crooked. In contrast, my dad's and brother's projects always turned out perfect. The bastards. I don't know if the trick is patience, deliberateness, or simple hand-eye coordination. I suspect the former.

I suppose this admiritation for work well done is entirely normal, and that most people are with me on this. The cliché is that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. So why is it that so many things are shoddily made, poorly designed, ill-thought out, and just generally messy? I guess it's because we are in a hurry, we don't see the benefits of doing something well, or we simply don't care.

I'm not a motorhead, or gearhead, or a car enthusiast really, but occasionally a certain car will strike my fancy merely for its design. I've always liked the 1963 Corvette.

To me, the back windows were an inspiration. It's sleek, with nicely curving lines.

When I saw the Mazda RX-8 for the first time, I couldn't help but think of the 1963 Corvette, and I'll happily admit that the car is mildly captivating (I'm captivated inasmuch as it's possible for me to be captivated by an automobile). I sometimes suspect that its designers were thinking of the '63 Corvette when they drew it up.

I have to give credit to the designers of these two cars for jobs well done.
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November 2018



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