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Catamount Community Radio - December 20, 2009

Conway Twitty, Cornelius, Prince Lasha, the Holllywood Jills, Benny Carter ... The truth be told (and why not, once in awhile?), I was a little distracted today, thinking about things like how old I am (about 46 or 47), my piano recital, and look at these CDs, I bet the record companies sent them, I wonder if they've ever been played on the air, or if anybody has even bothered to listen to them, some interesting band names, I'd bet the reference is ... my back's a little sore today, probably shouldn't have ... , wait a minute, the song's over, should pay attention. Was that a word that maybe shouldn't be going out over the airwaves? No, she said "honking."

Sweety, I hope you
don't get soot on your suit.
And what's that you're reading,
A list of who's been naughty
and who's been nice?
Sorry to disappoint you,
but, aside from not minding
my P's and Q's
I've been good.

Still, it wasn't a bad show, not necessarily one for the anthology, but they can't all be in the anthology. Probably be out next week, up in Michigan, if things work according to plan and the weather cooperates, but in two weeks I'll be back, playing records for your amusement on Power 90.5, from 10-12 on Sunday morning Right Coast Hours, just point and click, click, click.

1. Bob Marley – Jammin'
2. Benny carter – This Can't Be Love
3. Buck Owents – Christmas Times a' Comin'
4. Bill Evans – Make Someone Happy
5. Christian Scott – The Crawler
6. Zapp & Roger – Easy
7. Ted Nash – Sidewalk Meeting (Reprise)
8. Darlene Love – Mashmallow World
9. Pickin' On Series – The Wind Cries Mary
10. Conway Twitty – Pop a Top
11. Hollywood Jills – He makes Me So Mad
12. The Orioles – (It's Gonna Be) A Lonely Christmas
13. Hank Thompson – I'd Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas
14. Allen Toussaint – St. James Infirmary
15. The Tijuana Brass (Re-whipped) – Whipped Cream
16. Sketch Show – Micro Talk
17. Conway Twitty – A Table in the Corner
18. Ray Brown & Herb Ellis – After You've Gone
19. Johnny Bond & His Red River – Jingle Bells Boogie
20. Miles Davis – Black Satin
21. Ernest Ranglin – Exodus
22. Michael Lowenstern – July 14
23. Dodie Stevens – Merry, Merry Christmas, Baby
24. Final Fantasy – Arctic Circle
25. Ben Webster – The Duke and the Brute
26. Keith Jarrett – Blackbird, Bye Bye
27. Serge Gainsbourg – L'anamour
28. Celia Cruz y la Sonora Matancera – Mango Mangüe
29. Mo' Horizons – Drum n' Boogaloo
30. Buck Owens – Here Comes Santa Claus Again
31. Prince Lasha Quintet with Sonny Simmons – Green and Gold
32. Cornelius – Wataridori 2

Buck Owens

Serge Gainsbourg



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