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Catamount Community Radio - November 15, 2009

"Coffee Time..."

Well, another week, another show, and not a bad one, in all modesty. Last Sunday, chllin' after the show, listening to the radio via the internet, I heard a song on Harry Shearer's Le Show that caught my fancy. I quickly jotted down a few of the lyrics, and then typed them into the Google search engine, and found out the tune was Jill Sobule's "League of Failures."

I've been a miner for a heart of gold,
A dreamer who just won't wake up.
I thought I'd plunge into the deepest vein,
It wasn't deep enough.


Still have your picture on my wall of faith,
Next to the grocery list.
I keep forgetting I should take you down,
I'm gonna take you down.

Speaking of lyrics, how about these lines from Rufus Wainwright?

I tried to dance Brittany Spears
I guess I'm getting on in years.

Or maybe these, from Franz Nicolay:

I was 26; she was 17
Too angry for lovers
and too close for friends
If you can't love me, baby
maybe we can just pretend.

(Here, my mind, during the pause after "if you can't love me, baby," inserted, "maybe your sister can." Bad Mark.)

This bit reminded me of Springsteen:

When we met I was broke
now I got a pile of tens
And baby, let's go out tonight
and see how fast I can spend.

This is where I write that the show streams on the internet when you point your browser at Power 90.5 from 10-12 on Sunday mornings (Carolina time).

1. David "Fathead" Newman – Alfie
2. Steely Dan – Everything Must Go
3. World Standard – Looving Spoonful
4. Tarwater – To Maouf
5. Bebo Valdés – La comparsa
6. Bill Frisell – The Tractor
7. Hank Mobley – Remember
8. Kronos Quartet – Cuatro milpas (circa 1926)
9. Vincent Price – Music, When Soft Voices Die
10. Jill Sobule – League of Failures
11. The Meadowlarks – Please Love a Fool
12. César Romero – Thought for Today
13. Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate
14. Jimmie Lunceford – Organ Grinder's Swing
15. Jungle Brothers – Tribe Vibe
16. Riyuichi Sakamoto – Undercooled
17. Anthony Hamilton – Coming From Where I'm From
18. Roy Hargrove – Strasbourg / St. Denis
19. The Heavy – Small Change Hero
20. Daniel Owino Misiani – Dr. J. Abuya
21. Maravilla – Se ha acabado
22. Tony Shwartz – Nuyorican Food
23. Studio Group – Kiss of Fire
24. Franz Nicolay – Cease Fire, or, Mrs. Norman Brown
25. Joe Henderson – But Not For Me
26. Andre Williams – Bacon Fat
27. Don Byron – Royal Garden Blues
28. Funky Butt Brass Band – Soul Serenade
29. The Noisettes – Never Forget You
30. Bajo Fondo Tango Club – Air Concrete
31. Mississippi Gabe Carter – Big Fat Woman
32. The Spiritual Jubilators – Precious Lord



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