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Riding Tsali

The other day I'm killing some time reading my daughter's 7th grade science textbook. I run across this section on aging. Symptoms: hair loss, loss of muscle mass, deteriorating eyesight. Check. Check. Check. Time deals the cruelest blows, alas.

And I felt it yesterday while riding both left and right loops at Tsali. It was 18 miles of single-track mountain biking, more-or-less around Fontana Lake. It was great and I enjoyed myself immensely, but by the last four miles I was tired, my knees and wrists hurt, and, to avoid killing myself, I had to make a concerted effort to stay focused on the obstacles of the trail. Perversely, I want to tempt fate and go back and do it again.

I can't believe that, living so close, I hadn't ridden the world-class Tsali trails before.

Fontana Lake

How many more miles?


Boom Thumpa Boom Thumpa Boom

I took my bike out the other day and rode about a half mile down the road and back.
Bang Bang Bang, Go My Heart Strings...

riding tsali

"Old" people are characterized by constant complaints and discussion of their physical conditions. That's pretty much all they talk about! Makes poor dinner conversation, if you ask me. I'm trying to avoid that as I age, remembering that my infirmities are interesting only to me.

That being said, I think 18 miles on a mountain bike would tax most of Cory's soccer team, and he considers them pretty fit. Fontana Lake is beautiful! How far is it from Cullowhee?


Re: riding tsali

I don't know, like 30 or 40 miles? I went with Vicente, who is 17 and constantly urging me on." C'mon Mark, C'mon Mark".... and I'm thinking "STFU." BTW, the next day I hit a game-winner in basketball, so fooey on young people. Next time, I think I'll go to Tsali alone, and take a camara and a picnic ... and a cell phone, just in case... Vicente and I did the ride in 3 hours (that includes stopping to figure out where we were) I think I'll give myself four. But you're right. no need to dwell on the aches and pains of age, Im bucking up (well, for the time being. I reserve the right to complain if I feel like it).

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