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Bob Seger

I listened to Bob Seger's Night Moves album last night. It's good music. I remember when it came out in 1976, it was my introduction to Bob Seger. Then I bought his fine live album, "Live Bullet." I remember poring over the album cover in the back of our massive station wagon as we drove somewhere on a gray Michigan winter day. The songwriting on Night Moves is good, sort of in the Bruce Springsteen vein, though perhaps not so ambitious. Some of Bob Seger's early songs, like "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" and "2+2=?" are top notch too, so I guess that sort of counterbalances the Bob Seger we associate with Chevrolet pick-up ads ("Like a Rock") and drivel like "Old Time Rock and Roll." This stuff probably made Bob Seger more dollars than you could shake a stick at, though I don't know why you would want to shake a stick, when you could be shaking your booty.

Bob Seger, hmm. I have an ambivalent relationship with classic rock. On the one hand, it's the music I grew up to. I have nice memories of spending my evenings with ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, The Doobie Brothers, Bad Company, Foghat, etc. etc. On the other hand, shouldn't we be moving on? I moved on and I'm moving on... Sometimes I wonder if paying so much attention to bands from the seventies takes attention away from what bands are doing today. It's like radio stations have this gold mine of music, which is old and safe ... So why keep searching? Why take chances?

For the most part I boycott classic rock. I'm not very interested in hearing "Sweet Home Alabama" again. There's too much jazz out there! But I'm not an absolutist. There are always exceptions to my rules, like putting Zappa's Overnight Sensation or ... Night Moves... on the turntable. (Yeah, I'm still into vinyl!)

Anyway, check out this Bob Seger video from either the late sixties or early seventies. The energy is almost punk. No guitar! Just bass, organ, and a monster beat on the drum kit. And Bob Seger kicks it, in an almost humble way.


hi mark, nice post you capture alot of my feelings too. i enjoy clasic rock and letting my kids hear the people who influensed the people around today, but i agree there is only so many times you can hear sweet home alabama. like you i have kept up with some of the new music around today altho i am a bit narrow minded i must admit. i am more in the head banging croud but stright ahead "speed metal" just totaly turns me off thare has to be some class in the music. you know maybe a rest thrown in for good measure.(i just noticed a bit of a pun there), i just noticed that i'm writeing a book here but one more thing. when my friends and i gather for a party music is always a sore subject all everyone wants to hear is classic rock or mellow shit. then i suggest putting on some tool and all hell breaks loose i get looked at like some kind of juvinile. they say why are you listining to that crap for, my anser is tipicly the same " i'm just doing the same thing i have been doing all my life seeking the best new rock n roll, its not my fault you got old and cant keep up with the new things that are comming out. funniest thing is i am usually the oldest one there.

We are here because we want the real thing...

I just recently bought Live Bullet on CD for the first time. I still love it. But then, I really ain't heard it in a century.
I also agree with the boycott of classic rock radio. When the mood hits for that stuff, I will select from the hundreds of other tunes on the albums. Not the 40 that are deemed as Classic.

Detroit, Rock City

Party on, DB

Party on, Dandy


a little late to the game here.

I love Bob Seger Night Moves. Turn The Page is actually one of my favorite Seger tunes.

I agree though...I feel it's best to move forward and not stay "stuck" in any one thing. I never listen to the "oldies" radio stations because I don't want to beat my self to death with stuff that's seen its day. That being said, when I hear a blast from my past, I love it like it was yesterday. Bob Seger falls into that category.

Thanks, Anonymous,

for stoppin' by.

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