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Life and Music

Alan Watts made a career out of explaining Eastern Religion to the West. This is his voice, with animation by the Southpark guys. Good stuff.

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south park

intereting, i'm trying to head more in that direction but its a dificult journey. did i spell everything wright....haha

Re: south park

Hey dethbleedly,

Thanks for stopping by. As long as I know what you're saying, spelling isn't so important!

I'm with you. I know that life is a song, but that doesn't mean I always remember to sing.

Let's Dance

yeah, that is pretty profound, man.
This validates my life philosophy a bit.
I think it's playing my song!
After high school, I went straight to the chorus (although it turned into one of those endless space jams at times) and been I've dancing around doing the pursuit of happiness waltz ever since.
I've known that I'm as close to "there" as I will ever get for a long time so why not be happy and take chances along the way.
Nothing against your education choices. I was never pushed that direction so never felt the opportunity. (but hey, you did recently step down from a higher position to be happier!)
I could just be too stoopid for skool and too lazy to work hard at "success".
I am rich with experience and friends.
(and DC has family!)

Re: Let's Dance

hey jim dandy,

I was made for school; I love to study and I love to teach. But that doesn't mean I love all aspects of it ... sometimes skool is pretty stoopid!

I think you've been a song and dance man ever since I've known you; I wish I could have done a little better ... but I'm working on it.

January 2018



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