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Catamount Community Radio - June 17, 2007

Here's the playlist for today's show. Uncle Jim said it was sounding good!

You wanna join Bootsy Collins, Jimm Dandy, Robert Zimmerman, and Thelonious Monk in the club? It's easy, all you have to do is tune in Sunday mornings to


from 10-12 (EST)

Today I highlighted Glenn Gould, The Beatles, and Ben Webster.

Happy Fathers' Day, y'all.

1. Francis Bebey – Guitar Makossa
2. Esbjörn Svensson Trio – I Mean You
3. Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variation (JS Bach)
4. The Congos – Congoman
5. The Beatles – I'm Looking Through You
6. Futuristic Ensemble – Davenport Blues
7. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – I Want to Be Happy
8. Marcus Roberts – Maple Leaf Rag
9. Wilco – Forget the Flowers
10. Prince – Satisfied
11. Norah Jones – I Think It's Going to Rain Today
12. Duke Ellington – Just a Settin' and a' Rockin'
13. Nickel Creek – Tomorrow is a Long Place
14. Scott Coley – The Susser
15. The Beatles – You Won't See Me
16. The Barons – Love is a Losing Game
17. Manu Chao – Rainin' in Paradize
18. Corrine Bailey Rae – I'm Losing You
19. Mouse on Mars – Mykologics
20. Adrian Belew – A Nut for a Jar of Tuna
21. Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers
22. Kronos Quartet – Theme from Dracula
23. Feist – 1234
24. Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variation (JS Bach)
25. Wynton Marsalis – Fire in the Night
26. Ben Webster – Under a Blanket of Blue
27. Alice Donut – War Pigs



Donut Comes Alive

This is a little delayed response to your show but I just noticed that you played Alice Donut and I remember thinking it was Kronos Quartet because I have a ten inch single of them doing Purple Haze. Funny I didn't catch the Donut tho, as I have all of their CD's and singles. They are one of my fave bands. Thanks. (Maybe if you can find it you can find a way to play Joan of Arc)


Re: Donut Comes Alive

I thought of doing a segue thing - Black Sabbath to Alice Donut, but never got around to it. You know, I just bought the "Paranoid" album on CD. I don't even know where my vinyl copy is. I found the Alice Donut version on itunes, never heard of the band, but I loved the horns (you know me ... I like my saxes and trumpets and T-bones). I would like to learn more about Alice Donut. I'll see what I can do about Joan of Arc. Hey, I'm blogging from the Mancelona public Library!

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