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Hot Licks, Just for Kicks (for J. D.)

Guitar solos. Jimi Dandrix requests a list of guitar solos. Nowadays, when I think of heavy metal, I think of an Ellington chart. You know, saxes, trumpets and t-bones, but let's stroll for a minute down memory lane.

1. Jimi Hendrix – "All Along the Watchtower" Cool wah-wah that (as I recall) washes through your brain from your left ear to your right, or was it from your right to your left? Where are my headphones?

2. Grand Funk Railroad – "Locomotion". I don't know who the lead guitarist was for this Michigan band, but the solo on this cover of a soul tune is wicked. It's not about technique; it's about rock and roll noise.

3. Angus Young – "Let There Be Rock" The irrepressible Angus Young leads AC/DC with his loud and tasty solos. Hard rock at its best.

4. Jimi Hendrix – "Are You Experienced" Well, I like to think I am. Back in those days, who knew you could get such sounds out of an electric guitar?

5. Ritchie Blackmore – "Smoke on the Water." When I first heard this, I was just a boy, and I associated the sound with scary, dangerous, teen-age activities. Later, the song's riff was the first thing everybody learned to play on the electric guitar.

6. Ted Nugent – "Motor City Madhouse" This guy had way too much testosterone pulsing through his veins. His electric guitar is often right on the verge of feeding back. Strangely, he used a jazz guitar, but just cranked all the way up. There is nothing subtle about Ted Nugent's guitar playing. Fast, loud, and dangerous for your eardrums.

7. Frank Zappa – "Apostrophe" Ahhh .... Discovering Frank Zappa as a teenager! Tight arrangements, goofball lyrics, great musicianship ... It was too cool for words.

8. Jimi Hendrix – "Red House" Hendrix was, after all, a blues player, and when he plays this straight, 12 bar (as I recall) blues, you can hear where he came from, even though he plays it with a rock and roll intensity. It makes me think of that Live at Monterrey album, where he plays "Rock Me Baby." He teases with a traditional voicing of the tune, before launching into a rock rendition. Well, "Red House" is that other side of Hendrix, that traditional blues side.

9. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter – "Bodhisattva" I think he's the guy who plays the kickin' solo on this Steely Dan tune. Sittin' on a stool. Later he became a Doobie Brother. A Steely Doobie. He played his guitar while sitting on a stool, instead of standing up like a rock star. A studio cat. Bushy moustache and sunglasses. He would have fit in in Nashville.

10. Jimi Hendrix – "Manic Depression" A raging rock tune in 3/4 time with a manic solo. As he sings he interjects these stinging licks, then the solo surges like pure electricity, from the depths or the heavens, or both simultaneously.


in sync

Thanx brother, You Rock!
Another that comes to my mind is Kenny Thompson's solo on "Q-Tips Revenge".

(Hey, did you notice that we both posted within 5 minutes of each other just now?)

the tip's revenge

I feel bad, Dandy, but I can't remember the tune. I'll tell you this, though, all of my first licks were stolen directly from Kenny Thompson, I can still remember a couple of 'em.

We're the men ... Michigan men.

August 2017



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