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Oct. 26th, 2014


catamount Community Radio - October 26, 2014

Not to drone on and on about headphones, but the new pair already has a short in one of the ears. Oh well, one ear is better than no ear. I like my ear to hear, my dear.

The weather, as my mom would say, has been gorgeous. But besides walking Roscoe, I haven't really spent a lot of time out in it. Roscoe has been getting good at catching the frisbee, even though he occasionally misses an easy one.

As I get older I don't read like I once did. I attribute this in part to normal aging. I think Samuel Johnson said as much. He told Boswell something to that effect: read now, while you're young, because when you're older you simply won't feel like it any more. Apparently Johnson read the whole day long when he was a young man. Other reasons include that I'm practicing the piano, and that I'm solving puzzles. Lord knows how I got so addicted to puzzles. The 8 x 8 Kenken seems to be my favorite. I do read things on the internet, but hardly ever anything over three paragraphs in length. I have magazines piling up, which I'm hesitant to toss, because I don't want to recycle perfectly brilliant articles. I did read a nice article about Billy Joel the other day. He helicopters in to Madison Square Garden from his home in Long Island once a month and pulls in a couple million dollars. He hasn't released an album in years, but still has 33 top hits to his name. I never liked Billy Joel much back in the day, but now I like him, maybe the man more than the music. I'm also planning on reading George Clinton's new biography one of these days.

Speaking of Dr. Funkenstein, I played "Atomic Dog" this morning, just to get the second hour going.

Halloween is coming up. I don't know if I have an opportunity (an excuse) to dress up. Back in the day I would get dressed up as Groucho, and spout such Grouchoisms as, "I could dance with you until the cows come home ... or I could dance with the cows until you come home." I do have an Amy Winehouse wig. So I could always do that. I might be able to get that eye make-up down. Or the issue could help me with it. In the Halloween spirit, I played "Monster Mash," "Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives," Alfred Hitchcock narrating "Music to be Murdered by," Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London," and the Kronos Quartet with a part of the film score for "Dracula."

Had a record four entries, including my sister. Mary Ellen wins with a perfect score. Everybody else (Dandy, Patrick, Marie) got three out of four. All the tunes were done by Cassandra Wilson.

1. "Last Train to Clarksville" - the Monkees

2. "Time After Time" - Cyndi Lauper

3. "Wichita Lineman" - Glen Campbell (or Jimmy Webb)

4. "Run the Voodoo Down" - Miles Davis

I closed the show with Wilson singing Stevie Wonder's "If It's Magic," but nobody mentioned it. Dandy may have included some cryptic remark (like last week) for question 4, but if he did I missed it.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Carolina time) on WWCU.

1. Duke Ellington & Coleman Hawkins – Wanderlust
2. Ella Fitzgerald – I’ll See You in my Dreams
3. Bebo Valdés – La comparsa
4. Everly Brothers – All I Have to is Dream
5. Dave Douglas – Beware of the Doug
6. Bobby Hutcherson – Una muy bonita
7. Cassandra Wilson – Last Train to Clarksville
8. Jeff “Tain” Watts – Katrina James
9. Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Monster Mash
10. Mel Tormé – Monsters Lead such Interesting Lives
11. Cassandra Wilson – Time After Time
12. Heinz von Hermann Trio – Ugly Beauty
13. George Clinton – Atomic Dog
14. Marvin Pontiac (John Lurie) – I’m a Doggy
15. Cassandra Wilson – Wichita Lineman
16. Slim & Slam – Dark Eyes
17. Alfred Hitchcock – Music to be Murdered By
18. Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London
19. Kronos – Dracula, film score for string quartet 2
20. Ben Webster – Under a Blanket of Blue
21. Cassandra Wilson – Run the Voodoo Down
22. Duke Ellington – Take the A Train
23. Ray Charles – Undecided
24. Little Willie John – Talk to Me, Talk to Me
25. Major Lance – Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
26. Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran – Pretty Girl
27. Cassandra – If it’s Magic


Oct. 19th, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - October 19, 2014

I bought a new set of headphones because the old pair had one ear shorted out...and because they were simply getting kinda raggedy. But I forget to bring the adapter for the new pair, and thus had to do the show without headphones. It's weird because on the headphones you can hear the signal exactly as the listeners do, but without headphones as soon as you mash the microphone button, the monitor goes off, so if music is still playing, you can't hear it, and you can hear your voice as you normally hear it inside your head. What you have to do is look at the needles on the board, if you can see them bumping up and down, you know you are broadcasting. Anyway, I think I pulled it off pretty well.

I had a 48 hour trip to Greenville, SC. I went down to the park by the river to see the waterfalls, ate some awesome sushi, listened to some jazz, and, oh yeah, went to my conference at Furman University. Besides rolling over to Asheville a few weeks ago to buy my suit, I hadn't been out of town for months. And the truth is that I'm a little selfish: I like traveling by myself. I get to eat where and when I want to eat, drink what I want to drink, go to jazz clubs, go to bed when I feel like it, and walk three and a half miles to a restaurant, and then another three and a half miles back downtown again.

Zas turned blue:

Jelly Roll Morton played "Kansas City Stomp," and explained to Alan Lomax the importance of the "break" in jazz.

Susan wins the cover contest. Jim and Mary Ellen didn't have their best day.

1. We heard first Herbie Mann and then Akiko Tsuruga play a tune. The question was, what was the tune and who had a hit with it? - The Carpenters, "I Won't Last a Day without You." Apparently Jim and Mary Ellen are not big Carpenters aficionados!

2. Who is singing and bumpin' the bass on this cover of Steve Miller's "The Joker"? - I was shocked that nobody recognized the one and only Bootsy Coolins. C'mon, people! It's BOOTSY! Don't fake the funk, or your nose will surely grow.

3. Neil Young recorded an album with Jack Black on vintage equipment, making the recordings sound like they were made in the twenties. Why, I don't know. There are several covers on it, one of which is "Changes," which we listened to today. Whose tune was it? - Phil Ochs's.

Sit by my side, come as close as the air
And share in a memory of gray
And wander in my words
Dream about the pictures that I play of changes

Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall
To brown and to yellow, they fade
And then they have to die
Trapped within the circle time parade of changes

Scenes of my young years were warm in my mind
Visions of shadows that shine
'Til one day I returned and found they were
The victims of the vines of changes

The world's spinning madly, it drifts in the dark
It Swings through a hollow of haze
A race around the stars
Journey through the universe ablaze with changes

Moments of magic will glow in the night
All fears of the forest are gone
But when the morning breaks
They're swept away by golden drops of dawn of changes

Passions will part to a strange melody
As fires will sometimes burn cold
Like petals in the wind
We're puppets to the silver strings of souls of changes

Your tears will be trembling, now we're somewhere else
One last cup of wine we will pour
And I'll kiss you one more time
And leave you on the rolling river shore of changes

So sit by my side, come as close as the air
And share in a memory of gray
And wander in my words
Dream about the pictures that I play of changes

4. Somebody covers Tom Waits' "Way Down in the Hole." Who? - Steve Earle.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast), on Power 90.5.

1. Cannonball Adderly – Stars Fell on Alabama
2. Lester Young – Up ‘n Adam
3. Ella Fitzgerald – Trav’lin Light
4. Donny McCaslin – Merjorana Tonosieña
5. Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
6. Roy Hargrove – Strasbourg / St. Denis
7. Herbie Mann – I Won’t Last a Day Without You
8. Akiko Tsuruga – I Won’t Last a Day Without You
9. Etta James – A Lover is Forever
10. Thelonious Monk – Pannonica
11. Ben Allison – Green Al
12. WAM – The Awakening
13. Bill Charlap – A Quiet Girl
14. Fatboy Slim & Bootsy Collins – The Joker
15. Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys – Deep Water
16. Jay McShann – I’ll See You in my Dreams
17. Merle Travis – I’ll See You in my Dreams
18. Mel Tormé & Was (Not Was) – Zas Turned Blue
19. Merle Travis – Cannonball Rag
20. Neil Young – Changes
21. Charlie Parker – She Rote
22. Allen Toussaint – St. James Infirmary
23. Sarah Vaughan – Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
24. Fats Waller – You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams
25. Jelly Roll Morton – Kansas City Stomp
26. Paul Simon – Question for the Angels
27. Steve Earle – Way Down in the Hole
28. Bob Marley – One Drop
29. Bobby McFerrin – Jesus Made it Good

Ben Allison

Oct. 13th, 2014


Father / Daughter Coversation

ME: Do we have to listen to music?
IZ: Yep.
IZ: It's 11:11, make a wish.
ME: I wish we didn't have to listen to your music.
IZ: You said your wish out loud, therefore it can't be granted.
ME: What I don't like about these pop songs is the sentimentality of the lyrics, you know, I would swim across the ocean just to lie in your arms.
IZ: Well, at least they don't degrade women ... Unlike a lot of hip hop.
IZ: At least the hip hop I listen to doesn't degrade women ... Not very much.
ME: Just degrades them a little bit?
IZ: Yeah.

Oct. 12th, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - October 12, 2014

I generally pride myself on running the board pretty smoothly, and with all the years I've been doing radio, I usually do a pretty good job. I made a couple of mistakes today, leading to a couple seconds of dead air, but I have to say I'll take sloppy, live radio over perfectly voiced-tracked, canned radio any day. That said, I look forward to one day doing a completely voice-tracked show with special jokes and sound effects.

The time went rushing by today. I got to the station at like 9:57, was on the air by 10:00, and before I knew it, it was 12:00. And it wasn't like it was some sort of extraordinary show.

We did listen to a few tunes from Bill Frisell's new album, "Guitar in the Space Age." I remarked that Frisell has a special talent for taking upbeat tunes and making them sound plaintive and almost melancholy, "Surfer Girl," for example.

We considered the country guitar finger picking style today. You use a pick on your thumb and use it to play the bass notes. The other fingers are used to play the melody notes on the treble strings. Its popularity can be traced back to Ike Everly (father of Don and Phil the Everly Brothers), from Muhlenberg County in western Kentucky. Everly taught the technique to his neighbor Merle Travis, "country's first Renaissance Man," who in turn taught it to Chet Atkins, who taught Jerry Reed, and son. We listened to Chester and Jerry pick a tune called "Cannonball Rag," which Travis and Everly had played, and then listened to Frisell (who loves him some Americana) do the same tune.

Mary Ellen edges Jim Dandy in the cover contest, by a half a point, 2.5 - 3.0.

1. What classic surf tune is Bill Frisell covering? - "Pipeline"

2. What classic surf tune is Bill Frisell covering? - "Surfer Girl," by the Beach Boys

3. What tune is being covered, and who is covering it (for extra credit) - The Everly Brothers' "All I Have to do is Dream," covered by The Dandy Warhols.

4. Who is covering Junior Wells' "Messin' with the Kid"? - Bill Frisell

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU-FM.

1. David “Fathead” Newman – Hard Times
2. Bill Frisell – Rebel Rouser
3. Sten Getz & Oscar Peterson – Three Little Words
4. Sly and the Family Stone – If You Want me to Stay
5. Abdullah Ibrahim & Ikaya – Joan Capetown Flower
6. Bill Frisell – Bryant’s Boogie
7. Bill Frisell –Pipeline
8. Nick Lowe – Poor Side of Town
9. Charlie Parker – Drifting on a Reed
10. Bill Frisell – Cannonball Rag
11. Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed – Cannonball Rag
12. Everly Brothers – Bye, Bye Love
13. Abdullah Ibrahim & Ikaya – Nisa
14. Yusef Lateef – Jungle Fantasy
15. Van Morrison – Cleaning Windows
16. Bill Frisell – Surfer Girl
17. Bob Marley – Zimbabwe
18. Charles Mingus – Alice’s Wonderland
19. The Dandy Warhols – All I Have to do is Dream
20. Junior Wells – Messin’ with the Kid
21. Bill Frisell – Messin’ with the Kid
22. Amy Winehouse – Love is a Losing Game (demo)
23. Amy Winehouse – Love is a Losing Game
24. Bix Biderbecke – In a Mist
25. Mel Tormé – Let’s Take a Walk around the Block
26. Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton & Mark Whitfield – Drfitin’
27. Fred Frith – Spring any Day Now


Oct. 5th, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - October 5, 2014

Fall may have been here officially for a week or so, but it really arrived late on Friday night. Friday was a warm, rainy day. It cleared up in the evening, but remained relatively warm. The skies were beautiful. But I woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty cold. Had to throw another blanket on the futon and another book on the fire. And sure enough, Saturday morning, there they were: dead leaves littering the lawn. I even wore a sweater today. From now on, my students will see a lot of sweaters. Fall is my favorite season and more than just for the usual reasons: the apple cider and the changing colors. In the fall you're in synch with the season; everything is slowly dying, just as you are. It's a little morbid, but it's true. Spring, on the other hand, as TS Elliot would say, is the cruelest part of the year. That's because you continue your slow fade into oblivion just as everything else is being reborn. All those daffodils and all that green. Give me the melancholy autumn.

Cayo passed away last week, leaving Jim Dandy devastated. She was his family for the last 19 years. So I had to pay a little tribute to her. I played Henry Mancini's "Something for Cat" and Roy Hargrove's "Ev'rybody wants to be a Cat." Jorge Luis Borges remarks somewhere that, while humans are condemned to live in the past and the future, cats live in an eternal present. This is part of their allure. They are masters of comfort. They don't seem to give a damn about what you think about them. We wish we could, like them, find that patch of sunshine and stretch out in it, and forget all about our worries, our anxieties, our remorse and our regrets. We manage it at intervals, but soon enough are back to our worldly preoccupations.

Dandy wins this week's cover contest.

1. Who wrote "People Get Ready," and who is doing the covering? - Curtis Mayfield wrote it, and it is being covered first by Maceo Parker, and then by Al Green. (Al had help but I'm not sure who she was.) Later on in show we heard a fragment of Jeff Beck's version of the tune.

2. The Lovin' Spoonful did "Nashville Cats." I believe I mistakenly called this a cover version, because the other version I had in my head, that of Flatt and Scruggs, sounds older. But I think the fact is that Flatt and Scruggs were covering the tune, which was written by John Sebastian, rather than the other way around. Oh well, radio by the seat of your pants, the best kind.

3. "This Land is Your Land." Who wrote the tune and who is covering it? Woody Guthrie wrote it, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are covering it.

4. We heard Bob Marley and the Wailers cover "What's New, Pussycat?" Which songwriting duo wrote it? - Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU-FM.

1. Andrew Hill – Malachi
2. Jimmie Lunceford – I’m Nuts about Screwy Music
3. Joe Sample – Jitterbug Waltz
4. The Titans – So Hard to Laugh
5. Jimmie Lunceford – Organ Grinder’s Swing
6. Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Damned Back Blues
7. Kenny Burrell – Lost in the Stars
8. Maceo Parker – People Get Ready
9. Al Green – People Get Ready
10. Henry Mancini – Something for Cat
11. Roy Hargrove – Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat
12. The Lovin’ Spoonful – Nashville Cats
13. Orin Evans – Rockin’ Chair
14. Jeff Beck – People Get Ready (fragment)
15. 3 Cohens – Tiger Rag
16. Kronos Quartet – Tabú
17. Kronos Quartet – Mini Skirt
18. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – This Land is Your Land
19. Dave Douglas – Summit Music
20. Bill Charlap – It’s Love
21. Bob Marley & the Wailers – What’s New, Pussycat?
22. Pavel Wlosok & Joel Frahm – Sister Julie
23. The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry, Baby
24. Louis COrchia – La roulette
25. Sam Mangwana – Gato negro
26. Vern Gosdin & Emmylou Harris – Yesterday’s Gone (fragment)


Sep. 28th, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - September 28, 2014

As I was sitting here peering into the screen a policeman showed up at my office door. Just making his rounds but scared the shit out of me. (Not really, shit still inside, only metaphorically spilling out of my buccal cavity... or better yet, my finger tips.)

I'm really happy with my new, dark gray Joseph Abboud suit; I tried it on last night with my orange-themed tie, and I looked like a million bucks. The spousal unit says you better look like a million bucks because you spent a million bucks on it. Really, that's not what she said, but that's what she meant. I was tempted to take a selfie and post it on the world wide web, but I'm going to wait until this coming Friday, when it will have its debut.

I left Cullowhee at 3:45 on Thursday, drove straight to the men's store, where I was flooded with attention (three people were taking care of me, with their tape measures out). The old guy laid out shirts and ties that in his professional opinion he thought would look good. I said no, no and no, and picked out my own tie. And all modesty aside, I look marvelous in that tie. I even stopped at a couple of grocery stores on the way home in a futile search for some Spanish dry sherry. I was home by 7:15.

The featured song today was Thomas "Fats" Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz." We listened to the original Fats Waller side, then versions by Eric Dolphy, Miles Davis, Chet Atkins, Marcus Roberts, Bucky Pizzarelli and Scott Hamilton, and Anat Cohen. Waller wrote it the last year of his life: it came out in 1942 and by the end of 1943 Waller was dead. One of the first jazz tunes in 3/4 time, which since then has become common, but in those days 4/4 was almost the rule. Also the use of organ rather than piano was innovative. Waller loved to play organ and took advantage of each opportunity to sit down and play hymns and spirituals on the organ. I vaguely recall reading that he even once did an all night radio show playing hymns on the organ and never even identified himself.

Dandy is exhausted, having been taking care of Cayo, who is seriously ailing. CCR Nation will send positive vibes her way.

We have a tie on the cover contest today. Jim and Mary Ellen gave identical answers for each question, right and wrong, even made the same spelling errors. Are these guys in touch behind my back? Jim up in Maine and Mary Ellen here in Carolina?

1. Betty Everett did "You're No Good," which was a big hit for her back in 1963. The original version, by De Dee Warwick, was released earlier the same year. The question was, name somebody who has covered. Both Jim and Mary Ellen chose Linda Ronstadt, and they were right. I half expected Jim to say Van Halen, as it was covered on their second album. Other possible correct answers include Elvis Costello, Dusty Springfield, Ike and Tina Turner, and José Feliciano.

2. Which Nashville guitarist is playing "Jitterbug Waltz"? - Chet Atkins

3. Lee Dorsey is covering "Games People Play," with the Meters as backing band with Allen Toussaint producing (that is a lot of New Orleans talent working together). Whose tune is it? - Joe South's. Both Dandy and Mary Ellen answered Ike and Tina.

4. We heard Count Basie orchestra, with an unidentified vocalist, do "Ain't Misbehavin'"? Whose tune is it - Fats Waller's

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU.

1. Gene Ammons – A House is not a Home
2. Dinah Washington – Crazy, He Calls Me
3. Tomy Malaby & Paul Motian – What is this thing called Love?
4. Larry Goldings – Take Me Out to the Ballpark
5. Fats Waller – Jitterbug Waltz
6. Eric Dolphy – Jitterbug Waltz
7. Betty Everett – You’re no Good
8. Teddy Wilson – Smile
9. Frank Sinatra – Cycles
10. Chet Atkins – Jitterbug Waltz
11. Nick Lowe – Hope for us All
12. Duke Ellington – C Jam Blues
13. The Five Royales – Baby, Don’t Do It
14. Anat Cohen – Jitterbug Waltz
15. Abdullah Ibrahim – Perfumed Garden Wet with Rain
16. Sister Rosetter Sharpe – This Train
17. Coltrane & Duke – Take the Coltrane
18. Los Tigres del Norte – De paisano a paisano
19. Unknown Hinson – Talk American
20. Bucky Pizzarelli & Scott Hamilton – Jitterbug Waltz
21. Lee Dorsey – Games People Play
22. Mario Bauzá – Chucho
23. Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ at Midnight
24. Miles Davis – Jitterbug Waltz
25. Count Basie – Ain’t Misbehavin’
26. David Widelock – Aung San Suu Kyi
27. The Impressions – People Get Ready
28. Marcus Roberts – Jitterbug Waltz


Sep. 21st, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - September 21, 2014

After the show, the station manager helped me record a new promo for my show. It's about time, the last one was recorded way back in 2011, so it has been in rotation now for three years. I used my "music for your dining and dancing pleasure, so long as your dining is breakfast" line. I'm thinking of doing another one, a thirty-second one. The old one and the new one both clock in at one minute. I did the voice track in one take. I'm a badass like that.

I featured the song craft of Hoagy Carmichael today. Started with Gene Krupa's band doing "Rockin' Chair." I have no notes on the recording, but I'm more than sure that it it was feature for the great trumpet man Roy Eldridge.

In the old days, before the invention of the stereo, whore houses had piano players, some of whom referred to as "professors." It was said to get the job, you needed to know two tunes: the blues and "Stardust." Today we listened to Ben Webster play Carmichael's "Stardust" (on the tenor sax, not on the piano, even though Webster could play some mean boogie-woogie piano). "Georgia on my Mind" is probably Carmichael's most famous tune, because of Ray Charles' version. We listened to Michael Lowenstern play it on the bass clarinet. Not enough bass clarinet in the world. Bing Crosby, who was a pretty hip dude, joined the Mills Brothers (les freres Mills) on a medley of "Lazy River" and "Paper Doll" (the first of which is a Carmichael tune). Brad Mehldau played "The Nearness of You" on the 88s, and finally, Carmen McRae and Sammy Davis, Jr. duetted on "Two Sleepy People"

From Frank Loesser's lyrics:

Do you remember the nights we used to linger in the hall
Father didn't like you at all
Do you remember the reason why we married in the fall
To rent this little nest and get a bit of rest

After the "Father didn't like it at all" line, Sammy Davis, Jr. quips, "He broke my arm." In Fats Waller's version of the tune, after the line, "Do you remember the reason we married in the fall?" he inserts, "Yes, it was a shotgun wedding."

Jim Dandy comes back to win the cover contest this week, edging out Mary Ellen.

1. Whose tune is it, and who is playing it? - James Brown's / Johnny Winter. Dandy considered guessing Edgar Winter, but changed his mind and still got it wrong. The only question he missed.

2. What tune are Frank Marocco and Simone Zanchini playing on their accordions? - "The Flintstones."

3. With which rock star did Bing Crosby duet near the end of his life? - with David Bowie

4. Name this tune - "Sanford and Sons Theme" ("The Streetbeater" by Quincy Jones), played by Brian Bromberg and friends.


Catamount Community Radio, sublime, but really not bad at all. Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in Maine and 4:00 p.m. in Spain on WWCU.

1. Etta James – A Sunday Kind of Love
2. Omer Avital – Arrival
3. Matt Wilson – Feel the Sway
4. The Platters – You’ll Never Know
5. Roy Eldridge – Rockin’ Chair
6. Don Byron – Blue Bubbles
7. Jean Sheppard – Happy Hangovers to You
8. Johnny Winter – Out of Sight
9. Ellis Marsalis – Melancholia
10. Charles Brown – I’ll Get Along Somehow
11. Ben Webster – Stardust
12. Frank Marocco & Simone Zanchini – The Flintstones
13. Coleman Hawkins – Under Paris Skies
14. Charlie Parker – Melancholy Baby
15. Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt et. al. – Dark Eyes
16. Michael Lowenstern – Georgia on my Mind
17. Marc Ribot – Future Rock 2
18. Carole King – Crying in the Rain
19. Bing Crosby & the Mills Brothers – Lazy River / Paper Doll medley
20. Junior Mance – Small Fry
21. The Beach Boys – Forever
22. Ella Fitzgerald – Skylark
23. Brad Mehldau – The Nearness of You
24. Sammy Davis, Jr. & Carmen McRae – Two Sleepy People
25. Brian Blomberg – Sanford & Son Theme
26. John Patitucci – Jesus on the Main Line
27. The Dixie Hummingbirds – Christian Automobile
28. Tony Allen – Gbedu (fragment)
29. Duke Ellington - Melancholia

Hoagy Carmichael

Sep. 14th, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - September 14, 2014

My limo rolled up to the station at 9:55; my body guards escorted me inside, and then it didn't happen. No screeching tires because I had forgotten my sound effects CD. No worries, next Sunday I'll screech them tires twice to make up for it.

It occurred to me the other day that if people know me around campus, it is probably due to my radio show, but not to the show itself, but rather to the promo that airs regularly on the station. It's been awhile since I've updated it, and to tell the truth I'm tired of it, with the "musical cornucopia" line ... although I still like the line about snatching the airwaves away from the electric guitars. I have a text ready to record a new promo, but with time I'll probably get tired of it as well. Anyway I'm going to do it.

Joe Sample passed away the other day, so we listened to him cover Jelly's "Shreveport Stomp."

Featured some doo-wop. I don't know exactly what the charm of doo-wop is. First, just something about vocal harmonies (although in general I don't care for a cappella groups), but also I think the imperfections, the slightly out-of-tune notes lend the music a certain charm. And in general the singing is great.

I played a half-hour Nick Lowe set for Susan, and dug every second of it. As is well known, I love me some Nick Lowe, and I'm happy to have passed this passion on to Susan. Nick Lowe reminds her of her dad Herb. Not because they look alike or sound alike, but just because of their easy-going approach to music.

Speaking of Susan, she wins the cover contest for the first time. I was psyched that there were four entries this week. Only the second time in the history of the cover contest that somebody other than Jim Dandy or Mary Ellen wins. Anyway, I was happy that she won!

1. What's the tune and who are playing it? - "Old Man River" / Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed.

2. "Crazy." Who wrote it, who's playing it, and who recorded the quintessential version? - Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and Patsy Cline, respectively.

3. "Anything Goes." Who wrote and which handsome man is singing it? - Cole Porter, Tony Bennett.

4. Which two songs are being mashed up, who is singing them, and who are the original artists? - "The Joker" and "Everything I Own." Jason Mraz and Chrissie Hynde. Steve Miller / David Gates and Bread.

Congratulations, Susan! Welcome to the champions club.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Right Coast) on WWCU.

1. Clifford Brown & Sarah Vaughan – September Song
2. Re-Vels – False Alarm
3. The Moonglows – Most of All
4. Duke Ellington – Four and One Half Street
5. Sonny Rollins – My Ideal
6. Joe Sample – Shreveport Stomp
7. Willie Nelson – Guitar in the Corner
8. Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed – Old Man River
9. Frank Sinatra – Let’s Get Lost
10. Christian McBride & Regina Carter – Fat Bach and Greens
11. Aaron Parks – Roadside Distraction
12. Neil Young – Crazy
13. The Meadowlarks – Please Love a Fool
14. The Chavelles – Red Tape
15. Miharu Koshi – L’absinthe
16. Dinah Washington – September in the Rain
17. Marc Ribot – Old Man River (fragment)
18. Oscar Peterson – Tenderly (fragment)
19. Nick Lowe – Stoplight Roses
20. Nick Lowe – All Men Are Liars
21. Nick Lowe – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
22. Nick Lowe – Somebody Cares for Me
23. Nick Lowe – What Lack of Love has Done
24. Nick Lowe – Sensitive Man
25. Nick Lowe – The Man that I’ve Become
26. Nick Lowe – I Trained Her to Love Me
27. Nick Lowe – What’s So Funny about Peace, Love and Understanding
28. Duke Ellington – Blue Serge
29. Tony Bennett – Anything Goes
30. Peter Tosh – Why Must I Cry
31. Jason Mraz & Chrissie Hynde – The Joker / Everything I Own Mash-up
32. Charles Mingus – Boogie Stop Shuffle
33. Steven Bernstein & Sam Rivers - Lucky

Nick Lowe

Sep. 7th, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - September 7, 2014

When is fall going to start? I want to put on a sweater, make a stew, sleep with a blanket the whole night long, drink some apple cider.

In spite of the fact that it was written nearly a hundred years ago, today's featured tune, "After You've Gone," still sounds fresh. Since nobody (not even me) can write about a song like this fellow named Chris (expert on David Bowie, BTW), I'll let him tell you about it. Here Recommended. We heard a mere four of the probably hundreds of recordings of the tune.

Bessie Smith (1927)
Roy Eldridge (1937)
Sonny Stitt (1950)
Nicholas Payton (1996)


Mary Ellen repeats as cover contest winner, narrowly edging out Jim Dandy.

1. Who is Johnny Cash covering with his version of "If You Could Read my Mind"? - Gordon Lightfoot

2. We heard two versions of a Negro Spiritual, associated with the Underground Railroad, one by Tommy Dorsey's orchestra, the other by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. What's the tune? - "Wade in the Water"

3. Willie Nelson did "American Tune." Whose tune is it? - Paul Simon's

4. Brad Mehldau played a tune, what was it? - Radiohead's "Everything in its Right Place"

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Carolina time) on WWCU.

1. Terence Blanchard – Flow, Pt. 1
2. Serge Chaloff – The Goof & I
3. Carmen McRae – You Took Advantage of Me
4. Peter Bernstein – Chant
5. Bessie Smith – After You’ve Gone
6. Bill Frisell – White Fang
7. Roy Eldridge –After You’ve Gone
8. Dizzy Gillespie – Blue ‘n’ Boogie
9. Johnny Cash – If You Could Read my Mind
10. Aki Takase – Fleurette Africaine
11. Bobby Womack – I’ma Midnight Mover
12. Tommy Dorsey – Wade in the Water
13. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Wade in the Water
14. The Guess Who – Clap for the Wolfman
15. Herbie Nichols – Brass Rings
16. Mulatu Astatke & the Heliocentric Orchestra – Cha Cha
17. Randy Newman – Losing You
18. Sonny Stitt – After You’ve Gone
19. Ike Quebec – Blue Samba
20. Willie Nelson – American Tune
21. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – The Haunted Melody
22. Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein – Larry Young
23. John Patitucci – Jesus on the Mainline
24. Nicholas Payton – After You’ve Gone
25. Brad Mehldau – Everything in it’s Right Place
26. Chano Scotty – Consolación
27. Dr. John – Wade in the Water

Sonny Stitt
Sonny Stitt

Aug. 31st, 2014


Catamount Community Radio - August 31, 2014

Most Sundays as I walk out of the station just after noon, I feel a sense of accomplishment, even though it may be short-lived. Some Sundays I think, "Well, that was just an average show," but usually the sentiment is that the show was above average. It can't be true, can it. The average can't be above average. I remember once in the department we were talking about categories for the evaluation of teaching. Somebody suggested that we use "superior, good, average, and poor." I mentioned that if everyone ranked superior and good, then average would no longer be average. Like my radio show, average would be above average. Today's show, in my not-so-humble opinion, was above above-average.

I was leisurely having my coffee this morning and solving an 8x8 Kenken, when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:29 (a numerical palindrome). I had to get my quick on, and I did. I resisted the temptation to drive. I showered and dressed in nine minutes flat and was off on my bicycle by 9:38. So the screeching tires were a propos today. They had been broadcasting the football game last night via remote, and the person who did it left certain buttons on the board pushed that shouldn't have been pushed. It resulted in a little dead air at the beginning of the show. But soon enough all was under control.

The featured song today was "Let's Get Lost," from 1943 with music by Jimmy McHugh and lyrics by Frank Loesser. We heard two versions, the first by Frank Sinatra, and a more modern take on the tune by Diana Krall and Terence Blanchard.

Let's get lost, lost in each other's arms
Let's get lost, let them send out alarms
And though they'll think us rather rude
Let's tell the world we're in that crazy mood.
Let's defrost in a romantic mist
Let's get crossed off everybody's list
To celebrate this night we found each other, let's get lost

I shared Sinatra's hamburger recipe:


("1. Call for Deano. 2. Tell him to make you a fuckin' burger. 3. Drink his bourbon.")

Other highlights? How about Vincent Price reciting Shelly's "Music, When Soft Voices Die"?

Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory;
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heap'd for the belovèd's bed;
And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

Mary Ellen wins the cover contest this week. My sister answered one question, but I don't think she's quite ready to join Jim Dandy and Mary Ellen in the smarty-pants category.

1. What tune is Larry Goldings playing on the piano? - "Everything Happens to Me"

2. Who's tune is Ollie Hite and the BPA covering? - Nick Lowe's. In his entry Jim Dandy guessed somebody else and then added something like, "If it's Nick Lowe I'm gonna have to mangle something." I wrote back, "You better look for something to mangle."

3. What tune is Cyrus Chestnut covering on the piano? - "Lean on Me." Yesterday I read on the internet every top 100 list for 1972 to 1977. That's where I got the idea for this question.

4. We listened to Johnny Hartman sing "It Was Almost Like a Song," whose lyric is by Hal David. The question was, which blind country singer had a hit with it in 1977? - Ronnie Milsap. BTW, my friend Kenny Thompson sings this beautifully. I had never heard the tune before I heard Ken sing it.

Catamount Community Radio airs Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU. Join the fun.

1. Dave Douglas & Uri Crane – Zero Hour
2. Teddy Wilson – Fine and Dandy
3. Madeleine Peyroux – No More
4. Toumani Diabati’s Symmetric Orchestra – Single
5. Michael Lowenstern – No. 1
6. Ry Cooder – He’ll Have to Go
7. Clark Terry – Boomerang
8. Larry Goldings – Everything Happens to Me
9. Frank Sinatra – Let’s Get Lost
10. Kenny Burrell – Lost in the Stars
11. Matt Wilson – You Bet
12. The BPA (featuring Olie Hite) – So It Goes
13. Marc Ribot – It Could have been Very, Very Beautiful
14. Vincent Price – Music, When Soft Voices Die
15. Kaki King – Night After Sidewalk
16. Fred Hersch – In Walked Bud
17. Elvis Presley – Don’t
18. Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton, Mark Whitfield – Driftin’
19. Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra – Dalí
20. Cyrus Chestnut – Lean on Me
21. (funky drummer interlude)
22. Sevigny – When the Stars go Blue
23. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Serenade to Cuckoo
24. Diana Krall & Terence Blanchard – Let’s Get Lost
25. Johnny Hartman – It Was Almost Like a Song
26. Sabu Martínez – Libido Blues
27. Marc Ribot – Choserito plena
28. (Tito Puente interlude)
29. Kaki King – Night After Sidewalk

Marc Ribot

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